Long Live the Keenan Revue

Author: Matt Kianpour

Keenan Hall 2022-2023

While each Notre Dame student believes his/her hall is the best on campus, their claims are often unfounded. However, I can say with certainty Keenan Hall is the best dorm on campus. Why? The Keenan Revue. Not only do I believe Keenan houses the smartest men (myself included), it is also where the funniest men on campus call home (myself included). 

Since 1976, the Keenan Revue has been a cherished annual tradition held in the spring semester. Members of Keenan Hall write and perform various skits, making it the most highly anticipated dorm event at Notre Dame, attracting nearly 6,000 spectators over three consecutive nights at Stepan Center. While renowned for its comedic acts, the Keenan Revue also showcases the exceptional musical abilities of its residents. It's challenging to capture the essence of the Keenan Revue without experiencing it firsthand. From the Revue News to original skits, the show offers an array of entertainment that cannot be fully expressed by any single segment. Attending this event is a must, and participating in its brilliance is a quintessential Notre Dame memory. 

In addition to uniting the tri-campus community with its laughs, the Revue acts as a centripetal force within Keenan, bringing the Keenan Knights together. From preparations beginning early in the fall semester to final bows in February, a majority of the Kommunity participates in the Revue in some capacity. From skit-writing to crowd ushers, stagehands to dancers, the Revue engages men from each class year, undergraduate college, and skill-level. Even in the midst of COVID-19 during the 2020-2021 academic year, during my first-year, the University permitted the Keenan Revue to continue. Occurring in the Notre Dame Stadium, socially distanced and masked, the show went on: a true testament to Keenan’s community and Notre Dame’s commitment to its unique residential life. Along with most of my first-year peers, we danced under the bright stadium lights, grateful for memories the Revue afforded us, even during the pandemic. 

From dancing my first-year, to playing my violin this year, the Revue is a great time to be a Keenan Knight, instilling a sense of pride throughout the hall. While I believe Keenan is the best dorm, the same is said across all thirty-two halls on campus. From Fisher Hall’s Regatta to Lewis Hall’s LHOP, Notre Dame’s residential life, especially through its signature events like the Keenan Revue, permits its students to create their home under the dome.