Make the Most of Each Day: Advice from a ND Junior

Author: Julia Tombari


I understand that there are many thoughts and feelings that are likely racing through your head as you wait patiently (or nervously) for your college admissions decisions. I remember waiting for my letters, thinking that this was the longest waiting period of my life. It seemed like my entire future was being decided by people that I didn’t know and determined by four 150-word essays. 

In other words, I've been there and, to be honest, as I begin my second semester of junior year at Notre Dame, I find myself in the same position. I am currently applying to internships, and I feel pressure as my peers become hired by some of the top companies in the country. It’s almost as if the college application process has started all over again. The pressure is immense, but I truly hope that this blog post can provide some perspective as you wait for your admissions decisions. 

It’s amazing how fast the time flies, and I find myself in your shoes again. I worry that I’m not showing who I truly am well enough in my applications or worried that I won’t be a good fit for these companies. However, I think that there are truly many times we go through these “waiting periods” in life, whether it is waiting to hear about how you did on an exam, waiting for an exciting event, or even a job offer.

Although waiting is nerve-wracking, if there is anything I have learned from my senior year of high school until now, it’s to live in the moment and enjoy life each and every day.  College moves fast. I feel like just last week I was moving into my dorm freshman year. Cherish every moment and learn from each experience. Take time to reflect and dream each day. If you are finishing up your last semester of high school, work to make the most of your time and relationships.

I recently had a phone interview with an advertising agency and while preparing, I was struck by how some of the most unconventional anecdotes from everyday experiences can truly show who you are as a person. Take a step back and reflect on those moments where you were challenged, proven wrong, or had to manage several things simultaneously. Reflect on the times that you succeeded at something and think about what elements factored into your success. Reflect on moments in your day to day life where you were surprised, or happy, or passionate about something. Sometimes the small moments and little things in life really add up to fond memories and experiences - and they may even become useful to share in your future job interviews.