Meet Jarissa

Author: Jarissa Sabal

Hey guys, my name is Jarissa Sabal and I am senior this year. I’m originally from “fake Chicago”, a suburb called Bloomingdale. I’m studying Film, Television, and Theatre (concentrating in television), French, and minoring in Business Economics. Basically what that means is I’m very stressed very often, but at least I know a lot about I Love Lucy and can express that knowledge in broken French.

While I was on campus, I lived in Howard Hall, but now I’ve moved off campus and am loving it. I participate in ND’s club Equestrian team (horses), tell jokes with the student stand up group, and am the humor editor of The Scholastic, an on campus magazine. If it wasn’t clear, I’m very funny. Off campus, I’m interning at South Bend’s PBS affiliate and volunteering at Reins of Life, a therapeutic horse riding facility. If you were wondering why I’m very stressed, it should make sense now.

My ND story is fairly straightforward, I applied, got in, and figured I’d go here. My grandpa actually played football here and even coached some summers so ND has always meant a lot to my family. While I wouldn’t say that really influenced my decision, it’s nice to carry on the legacy. I joined the New Media team my sophomore year and except for a semester hiatus while I was abroad in France last year, have been here ever since. I work on videos and other various projects with the team. I am known for having “the funniest takeovers” (an actual quote, I didn’t just make that up), so keep an eye out for me!