Meet the Intern: Vera Leon

Author: Vera Leon

Summers are a tricky thing for college students. Considering the plethora of opportunities and resources that are available to you, it can be a little overwhelming. This was definitely my struggle. I debated doing an internship, taking a summer course online, and/or getting a summer job. Even though I planned for some vacation time during these months, I still wanted to learn and be productive - luckily that is what I did. The first couple of weeks of the summer were spent with my family at home, resting from final-exam-season stress. Eating homemade food, going to the beach, spending time with home friends, and reading a few books were exactly what I needed. 

Then, at the end of June, I went back to our "domed" home for two weeks. I worked as a teaching assistant and quasi Resident Assistant for the Career Discovery program that the School of Architecture has for high school students interested in pursuing architecture. I got to live in another dorm and create beautiful memories with my fellow TAs. I also experienced for the first time being on campus without homework or studying to do.

After those two weeks were completed, I did a six-week internship with an architecture firm in Miami called Yellow House Architects. I got to learn a lot about being an architect in the field as well as understand how different it is from learning about architecture in school. Not only did I get a full hands-on experience, but I also had such an amazing opportunity at the end. I was able to present a design proposal for one of the rooms in an existing working project at the firm to the entire office!

After those six weeks, I continued to have quality family time while visiting Alaska and participating in adventurous excursions like glacier walking and kayaking. Then, after coming home from my trip,  I had to anxiously pack for my year abroad in Rome with the School of Architecture. This summer was definitely a hectic one, but it felt great to take advantage of this school-free time towards things that enrich my mind and soul.