Multicultural Clubs on Campus

Author: Luzolo Matundu

Luzolo Headshot Final

Notre Dame has over 500 clubs that students can participate in. My favorite thing about having so many clubs is that there are also many multicultural clubs to join and engage with. 

Most of the multicultural clubs I participate in align with my identity, so I am involved in many Black clubs on campus. There is Shades of Ebony, the Black Student Association, the African Student Association, the Black Cultural Arts Council, Voices of Faith, and even more clubs that I am not a specific member of. There are talent showcases, general meetings, lots of food, fashion shows, good music, dances, and so much more. Having so many different outlets to have fun and spend time together allows us to live in community with one another. I value these moments where I can strengthen my bond with others in our community at Notre Dame. 

While I enjoy participating in multicultural clubs that align with my identity, I also enjoy engaging with people of other cultures and attending their events. While anyone is welcome to join any club, many multicultural clubs have at least one big signature event during the school year that is open to everyone, not just members. These are anything from talent showcases to panels to movie watches. Some events I have attended include Latin Expressions, a talent showcase hosted by the Latin Student Association, and Asian Allure, a talent showcase hosted by the Asian American Association. In addition to multicultural clubs, there is also Multicultural Student Programs and Services which is an organization on campus that promotes and supports multiculturalism at Notre Dame. I love having all these organizations and events because they give students the opportunity to grow and have fun and they showcase cultural diversity. 

I highly encourage you to engage with people of different cultures, learn about and participate in different traditions, and attend different cultural events. It is an enriching experience that allows you to increase your knowledge, support others, and have some fun!

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