No Visit? No Worries! Here are Some Ways to Explore Notre Dame from Home

Author: Shannon Rooney


It's tough to make a decision about where to go to school when you can't visit. To help protect the health of our Notre Dame family, our office is unable to accommodate in-person visits until at least the end of May 2021.  

But we are doing our best to offer you opportunities to explore our campus and community from the comfort of your home. Below are some ways to connect with us so you can make an informed decision.

Explore Notre Dame from Home

1. Check Out the Virtual Opportunities Webpage

We get it—Zoom fatigue is real right now. That's why we've made sure to vary our content so you can connect through: live events, social media, viewing videos on your own time, or even just via chat on our website. There are many options available via the Virtual Opportunities page. We're happy to connect and answer your questions, whichever way you choose to reach out. 

2. Read the Welcome Home Newsletter

Chances are, you got to this article via the Welcome Home newsletter for admitted students and families, but just in case you missed one, all issues are archived on the website. Each issue is chock full of events (especially that top section) and resources for admitted students and their families. 

3. Talk to Current ND Students on Social Media 

Did you know that students run the @ndadmissions social accounts? Now you know! Hop on and ask them questions. Or view our Instagram highlights. They feature Q&As about residential life, academics, and all things Notre Dame.

(Links to all social media below.)

4. Click Around on ND YouTube

Wondering how housing works? Which clubs you can join? How you'll make friends?

The Notre Dame admissions YouTube channel and the University YouTube channel (yep, they're different) are two of the best ways to peek into campus life. Through videos about housing, student activities, Q&A, and lots more, you'll get your questions answered and meet the people who make up the ND family.  

We Recommend these Playlists:

Clubs and Student Activities >>>

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First-Year Journey >>>

Financial Aid >>>

ND Admissions Intern Team (Student Content) >>>

5. Find Your People via ND Search

Majoring in political science? Want to play golf? Love improv?

A search of the Notre Dame website will turn up groups, individuals, and programs at Notre Dame you can connect with and explore from your device. Many virtual programs are open to admitted students—just reach out to the hosting department and ask! Many people at Notre Dame love to connect with interested students. 

We are, above all, a community here, and we're eager to welcome our newest members.