Notre Dame Admits 1,636 Early Action Applicants to the Class of 2022

Author: Shannon Rooney

Admissions counselorsAdmissions counselors congratulate the newest members of the Class of 2022.

Notre Dame’s 6,598 Restrictive Early Action (REA) applicants were notified this week of their admission decisions. Reflecting national trends, restrictive early action applications were up year over year. The University admitted 1,636 applicants to the Class of 2022, welcoming students of exceptional academic merit, with records of service and demonstrated leadership, to the Notre Dame family.


Profile of Restrictive Early Action Admitted Students

Admitted students hail from a diverse cross-section of high schools and geographic areas.

  • 1,085 high schools from around the world
  •  44% attend public schools, 40% Catholic schools, 16% private or charter schools
  • 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico
  • 52 different nations of citizenship
  • 182 (11%) are citizens of other nations, dual citizens, or U.S. students studying outside of the United States
  • 22% of students come from the Northeast, 15% from the Southeast, 18% from the Midwest, 21% from the Central Midwest, 18% from the West/Southwest, and 6% attended high schools outside the U.S.

Notre Dame reviews applications in a holistic process, evaluating students on their records of achievement and significant attributes revealed through essays, letters of recommendation, and extensive discussions of extracurricular activities, along with the students’ motivation for their success.


Don Bishop, associate vice president of undergraduate enrollment says, “Our admitted pool has again surpassed our prior class profiles with their academic accomplishments, but they were selected due to their motivation for scholarship as well as their exceptional levels of achievement in leadership and service. We are inspired by the creativity, humility, and ambition of the students who aspire to join the Notre Dame family.”


Last year, 64 percent of students admitted in Restrictive Early Action enrolled at Notre Dame. Overall, the University typically ranks among the top ten schools in the nation for its enrollment rate and in the top six for universities that have early action rather than binding early decision programs.