Change of Admission Practices for Prospective Business Undergraduates

Author: Office of Public Relations

In response to the growth of its undergraduate business school, the University of Notre Dame is adopting new admission practices for students interested in enrolling in the Mendoza College of Business.  The new policy, which will commence with the fall 2015 first-year class, will cap enrollment at 550 per graduating class.  

Students at Notre Dame are admitted to the University’s First Year of Studies, not to an individual school or college. However, upon application to Notre Dame, all students are asked to make a non-binding indication of the college or school, and specific major or discipline, in which they intend to major. In the past, there was no limit put on the number of students who could transfer into any college or school, including Mendoza. 

In the future, when first admitted to Notre Dame, students who indicate an intent to major in business will be informed, at the time of admission, whether they are “pre-approved” to do so at the end of their first year, should that remain their goal. If they are not pre-approved, students will be advised that they will be free to enroll in any other college or school, but that the chances of being approved to major in business after the first year will be extremely limited. Such students will be advised that they should reconsider enrolling in Notre Dame if they are only interested in majoring in business. If a student who is pre-approved to major in business later decides not to do so, she or he will be free to major in any other college or school at Notre Dame. 

“Notre Dame is the first choice for most of our applicants, and we anticipate many who indicate business on their application will opt to enroll here without the pre-approved status and seek other majors,” said Don Bishop, associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment. 

After the first year, a small number of students, who were not pre-approved to major in business, will be allowed to do so. This number will include both students currently matriculated at Notre Dame as well as some students applying to Notre Dame from other universities.  The number of openings will be managed to ensure the University achieves the 550 degree goal per class for Mendoza.

The selection process for first-year students without a pre-approved status and transfer students will be conducted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  Decisions will be made based on academic performance to date (at Notre Dame or elsewhere), a written statement addressing the reasons the student wants to pursue a business major, and a holistic evaluation of the non-academic accomplishments of the student that is consistent with the evaluation the University currently provides to all applicants for first-year and transfer admission.

Notre Dame will maintain an overall undergraduate enrollment at approximately 8,500 students, of which some 2,200 will be business majors.

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From: Dennis Brown, assistant vice president for public information and communications