Oh The Places We Will Go

Author: Danielle Rieger

Where are Notre Dame students going for fall break?

Notre Dame students do a little bit of everything during our midterm breaks. We oftentimes travel abroad and throughout the U.S. for leisure and to do volunteer work. Here is how just a few students will be spending this fall break:





“I am going to Ireland to visit some of my friends who are studying abroad there! I am also going to Krakow, Poland!”

~Danielle Rieger ’16









“Finishing supplemental applications for my medical school applications at home in Okemos, MI. I also plan on playing with my dog.”

~Alisha Ching ’18







“Hanging out with my family in the best city ever, Des Moines. I am also working so I can have money again.”

~Maggie Long ’16










“Hanging out at home and doing homework. I am also going to the sand dunes in Michigan.”

~Scott Copeland ’16










“Hanging out at my house with my roommates. Catching up on some sleep because I’m adventurous.”

~Stephan Cray ’16









“I am going to the Notre Dame vs FSU game and then driving home with two of my friends. I also plan on playing with my baby cousins.”

~Caroline Kurtz ’16










“Going to the FSU game and the beach in Florida.”

~Mitchell Patin ’16