Our Favorite Places on Campus!

Author: Tajae Thompson


As spring is upon us and the sun is coming out, campus is looking more beautiful than usual. There are so many great spaces on campus to study and hang out with friends, so my fellow interns and I have shared some of our favorite places on campus!


My favorite spot on campus is ON St. Joseph’s Lake. My freshman year, I joined the sailing club with no experience whatsoever. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made! There is nothing better than sailing on a sunny day, sailing around and seeing the beautiful Notre Dame campus with the gleaming Golden Dome at the center of it. It seems like all the stress of college dissipates.


Washington Hall! I’ve had so many dance performances there and crazy tech weeks spent with close friends.


Both Saint Joseph’s and Saint Mary’s Lakes are my favorite places on campus. Whether going for a run, walk, or just sitting on one of the benches, the lakes are my go-to place for whenever I have a few spare moments.


My favorite place on campus is definitely the Debartolo Performing Arts Center (DPAC)! Not only are all of my FTT classes and my stagehand and costume shop jobs in this building, but this is a great place to run into my friends throughout the day! It’s also, in my opinion, one of the prettiest buildings on campus!


This is about to get very specific, but my favorite place on campus is the bench near Carroll Hall that faces the lakes, the Dome, and the Basilica. The peacefulness of the lakes and seeing both classic landmarks from this point really serves as a point of reflection of how lucky I am to be at a place like Notre Dame. 


My favorite place on campus is Bond Hall. I work at the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures on the third floor, and we have a beautiful view of the lake. I love to drink my (free!) coffee there and watch the ducks on the water, the people walking by, and cars driving to the Basilica and Grotto nearby. It’s so beautiful and reminds me how lucky I am to go to such a beautiful university! 


My favorite place on campus is the Ricci Fields! During the Marching Band season, we practice on that field constantly, so its always a great time! I really enjoy making music with my friends, working hard to pump up the football team and Notre Dame fans, and making unforgettable memories on some turf.


While I want to say that my favorite place on campus is my room because nap time is superior, I do have a close second that everyone can enjoy. My (second) favorite place on campus is the second floor of Decio Hall, specifically the half of the floor that houses the English department. I came into ND as an English major, so the English department has a special place in my heart. The lounge is usually very quiet and has a lot of natural lighting which makes it a beautiful place to study or do homework!