Senior Week: Students Spend a Last Week on Campus Making Memories

Author: Shannon Rooney


Senior Week is a long-held tradition for Notre Dame students. The week before graduation, seniors have the campus to themselves because first-years, sophomores, and juniors have all moved out for the summer. Seniors spend the week making memories with their classmates, including a class picnic, a trip to Chicago, and an often emotional last visit to the Grotto. 

"Our class is an exceptionally social class, [which means] that many of these events will be bigger and better than ever," says Elizabeth Cameron, a member of the senior class council and co-chair of senior week. "We are so excited to reveal all of the surprises and planning that has taken place over the year to such a large body of students."

The schedule of events kicked off Sunday with a trip to Chicago to see the Cubs take on the Milwaukee Brewers. Monday is a bowling and trivia night, and Tuesday is reserved for Domerfest 2.0. This event is a fun follow-up to the original Domerfest, which takes place during Welcome Weekend, students' first weekend on campus as first-year students. Domerfest 2.0 promises a carnival-themed night of music, inflatables, food stands, and reminiscing.

There are also a few new and improved aspects of the events for the Class of 2019, says Cameron. "This year we're making the last trip to the Grotto more student-oriented, offering a chance for a student to read a personal reflection of their time at Notre Dame. We transformed the class picnic into an outdoor brunch on the Ricci Fields, where students can relax and play sand volleyball, cornhole, and other outside activities."

While fun is the focus, the senior class knows that commencement gets closer every day and they are cherishing their last week on campus. "We've been planning since August, so for it to finally happen will feel so satisfying and sad at the same time," says Senior Week co-chair Hannah Scherer.

"It'll be a really special time without classes, exams, or the normal day-to-day getting in the way to spend time with the people who have made our time at Notre Dame so worthwhile and memorable. The last trip to the grotto is going to be incredibly emotional, and I'm looking forward to reflecting on my four years with the whole class," says Scherer.   

Learn more about Notre Dame Commencement traditions here. And to all our graduates, congratulations from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions!