Student Q&A: Bella Gregory '24 on the Marketing Major at Notre Dame

Author: Shannon Rooney


The marketing major in the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame offers students the opportunity to develop their analytical thinking skills, their strategic ability, and their creativity through a robust and exciting curriculum.

Students explore many aspects of marketing, from analytics to the impact of new technologies on the customer journey.

There is a strong focus on experiential learning, which featured student Bella Gregory '24 has found invaluable. The junior marketing major loves the creative and innovative sides of the field. Below, she talks about why she chose the marketing major and what makes Notre Dame's marketing program so unique.   

Why did you choose to major in marketing at Notre Dame? 

I chose marketing as my major because of the flexibility within the curriculum that translates to the constant change within the industry. Marketing is constantly changing as consumers preferences and tastes change with new trends and styles.

The Mendoza College of Business Marketing major curriculum exposes students to marketing’s evolving industry with interesting and challenging classes spanning a multitude of topics taught by world-renowned scholars and award-winning professors.

With help and guidance from my professors and career advisors, I have learned that there are many possible career paths that marketing students can navigate. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Marketing major at Notre Dame and set up for professional success in the future. 

Were you always interested in topics related to this major? 

I have always enjoyed solving problems and tapping into my innovative and creative side. Marketing is the growth engine of the firm, and is constantly trying to bring exposure and new ideas to companies to appeal to consumers. In the process, marketers try to solve consumers’ problems and want to find solutions through their product.

I love learning about the decision making process, what motivates consumers, and how to help people solve problems, which is ultimately what made me interested in the major! 

What has been your favorite class in the program and why? 

As a current first semester junior, I have only taken “Foundation of Marketing,” which was the Sequence 2 class that ultimately made me decide to declare marketing as my major. It created a great start to my foundational knowledge of marketing, exposing me to topics including markets, institutions, and the environment in which business firms operate.

This semester, I am taking both “Consumer Organizational and Buyer Behavior,” required of all marketing majors, and “Sports Marketing,” a marketing elective I chose. I am looking forward to both classes because I will learn more about the decision-making process of consumer and organizational buyers, as well as exposure to sports marketing through the lens of one of the biggest brands in sports, the University of Notre Dame. 

Have you conducted any related research or independent study?

Yes! I was a research assistant as a sophomore to my Foundation of Marketing professor, Dr. Mitchell Olsen. I assisted him in revising his 85-page research manuscript "How Non-local Consumers Respond to Location-based Branding Strategies" for the Journal of Marketing Research. I also organized his research data using Excel for the revisions and edits from the Journal of Marketing Research to move further in the publishing process expected at the end of 2022. 

What makes the marketing program at Notre Dame stand out among programs like it at other schools?

Choosing to pursue any business major in the Mendoza College of Business, one of the best business schools in the nation, guarantees you an incredible business knowledge foundation.

Once students have a well-rounded business foundation, students who decide to pursue marketing as a major are met by a challenging and intriguing marketing curriculum, very flexible and customizable to suit their academic desires.

The marketing program professors want you to succeed and create an amazing learning environment for students to thrive and grow in their study and passion to grow the good in business. With endless research, study abroad, and professional opportunities and exposure, the marketing program at Notre Dame is one of a kind.

Do you have any advice for prospective students who are considering a major in marketing? 

If you want a major that is full of versatility, flexibility, creativity, and fun, then you should definitely consider marketing as a major. It’s full of amazing opportunities both in and out of the classroom, that are constantly changing and evolving with the industry. I am in control of the path that I want to pursue during my time at Notre Dame, with the curriculum options and tracks within the program. Additionally, there is the possibility to study abroad, participate in research or studies, and amazing career opportunities! 

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