Summer Opportunities at Notre Dame for High School Students

Author: Randi McQueen

Even though there is still plenty of snow on the ground in South Bend, that doesn't mean that summer isn’t on its way. After the academic school year ends in May, campus floods with students of all ages participating in sports camps, academic programs, and more. If you are searching for something to enrich your pending summer days, read on to learn more about the various opportunities Notre Dame has to offer for motivated high school students.



Summer Scholars

Notre Dame Summer Scholars is an intensive 2-week academic program in which high school students can get a taste of college life. A variety of courses are available for any interest, including American Politics, Astronomy, Debate and Public Speaking, Film Production, Photography, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, and more! Each course is limited to only 20 students to increase the one-on-one time with student and professor. Just like college students, high school students will be expected to work outside of class time on their coursework. However, there will still be plenty of time to participate in other activities, such as community service and other social events. Additionally, students will learn firsthand the community established by living in a real Notre Dame residence hall.



Notre Dame Vision

Notre Dame Vision is another opportunity for high school students searching to enliven their spirituality. This weeklong program is led by 70 Notre Dame students and consists of a series of conferences and large group activities aimed to help students explore God’s call and how they can benefit others with their individual talents and gifts. Speakers from the university and beyond will share their stories and experiences in an attempt to motivate students to deepen their faith and trust in God. Throughout the week, students will be challenged in both large and small group settings of teenagers from across the nation in a welcoming community “committed to authentic prayer, good conversation, and real life issues.”


Leadership Seminars

This program guides curious high school students through an exploration of various topics that affect the global community. Centered around discussion, this course invites students to share their viewpoints and respectfully listen to the perspectives of others. Unlike other Notre Dame summer programs, this 2-week long seminar only admits 100 students, and all costs (including transportation) are paid for by the university. Students will receive one college credit upon successful completion of the course.


Architecture Career Discovery Program

Separate from the Summer Scholars  and Leadership Seminars programs, the Notre Dame Architecture Department offers their own two-week Career Discovery Program for high school students. Led by Notre Dame architecture professors and advanced students, participants learn through design studios, architecture seminars, and field trips to see good architecture first hand.

Study Abroad: Rome


Unlike the Notre Dame Pre-College Programs listed above, this course takes place in the Eternal City of Rome, Italy! Students interested in a variety of subjects, ranging from anthropology to art history and architecture are invited to apply to this 12-day long program. In between daily explorations of Rome, students will have the opportunity to take classes in Notre Dame’s very own campus, the Rome Global Gateway, located just steps from the Colosseum. This program is limited to only a select group of 18 students who have completed their junior year of high school. One college credit will be awarded to students who successfully complete the course. Learn more.


Study Abroad: Ireland

Guided by Notre Dame faculty and local scholars, students explore Irish culture, history, and landscape. With seminars held at the Keough-Naughton Notre Dame Center in Dublin and the historic castle of Kylemore Abbey in Connemara, Study Abroad: Ireland treats students to numerous sites of interest in both the east and west throughout 12 days on the Emerald Isle. 


International Leadership, Enrichment, and Development Program (iLED)

iLED is a two-week program taught by Notre Dame faculty with a focus on international leadership. It is open only to international students. It includes lectures by professors, hands-on learning, collaborative projects, business and community engagement, and many extracurricular activities. Students take courses in all five colleges. Participants experience life at Notre Dame and broadens their understanding and knowledge in the disciplines of science, engineering, humanities, business, social sciences, arts, and architecture. Students also have the opportunity to meet with staff from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 


International Summer Physics Institute (iSPI)

iSPI is another program only for international students. It's a two-week intensive science program on an exciting and growing area of science: particle physics. The program strengthens students’ existing knowledge of physics and supplements it with advanced knowledge to investigate questions in physics using particle physics data. Students also stay on campus and have the opportunity to meet with staff from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.