The Lodges: A Eulogy

Author: Hailey Oppenlander


The campus was abuzz with theories when the Lodges were first built.

No one knew what they were or what to expect. I stared, bewildered, as I witnessed glass walls being put up in the middle of our grassy quads. 

Is this some sort of upgraded dining hall tent? I wondered. 

We soon ventured inside, greeted by a wonderland of Irish Woodworks decor and Adirondack furniture. North Lodge offered us many cozy nooks and seating options. South Lodge was more like an arcade — we could choose from ping pong, mini-golf, board games, TVs, and more. 

Sure, the Lodges blocked the main diagonal pathways across the quads, requiring me to reroute my paths to classes. So inconvenient! I lamented at first.

But after a while, I didn’t mind. It gave me a new perspective on my daily trek to DeBart.

I was just as at home studying in the Lodges on a Wednesday afternoon as I was playing Bananagrams there with friends on a Saturday night. The Lodges were versatile, welcoming, and most importantly for the winter months in South Bend — warm

I know that the Lodges had to go in order to make way for Library Lawn and South Lawn. And oh, how I can’t wait for nights spent under string lights, unbounded by walls and ceilings, able to stare at the stars and lounge around the fire pits with friends.

But Lodges, though I know you had to go in order to bring about a greater purpose, you are missed.