The Notre Dame Club Network: Connecting Students and Alumni Around the World

Author: Geoffrey Young

As an admitted student, you’ve probably already been welcomed to the “Notre Dame family,” but what does that really mean? 

One of the things that sets Notre Dame apart from many other universities is the lifelong loyalty of its alumni.

They are not just proud of being Notre Dame graduates—they are exuberant. They show their enthusiasm in many ways, from representing the University to prospective students to helping newly graduated alumni make professional connections in their fields. 


Notre Dame Clubs

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Notre Dame alumni connect with one another through the extensive club network, which is comprised of approximately 225 clubs in the United States and nearly 50 international clubs. The clubs are composed of graduates, Notre Dame parents (current and former), and friends of the University. Ours is one of the largest alumni club networks among colleges and universities in the nation. 

Notre Dame clubs are always active, hosting events such as game watches, Masses, and special dinners, which keep everyone connected. 

Members also continuously demonstrate their commitment to Notre Dame's mission to be a force for good through service work in their local communities. The Notre Dame Alumni Association even hosts an annual Family Volunteer Camp, where alumni pass on the value of service to the next generation. 

Clubs support current Notre Dame students, often reaching out to students directly after they are admitted. They are eager to mentor students interested in their fields and regularly connect students with internship and job opportunities.

Post-grad Support

Alumni also help form a social and career network for recent graduates. A young, working professional taking a new position in a new city will find an instant and supportive environment among the members of their local Notre Dame Club. Alumni have been known to help graduates with finding a place to live and making social connections, along with career guidance, mentoring, and professional networking—including making introductions and opening doors with employers and professional organizations.

From admission to long past graduation, the Notre Dame family and its vast network of clubs is there for you every step of the way. With clubs in every state and many regions worldwide, you'll never find yourself without community.


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