The Shirt

Author: Ceci Guarnuccio


The Shirt Project here at Notre Dame is a tradition like no other.  Each year, a group of students comes together to design, market, and unveil a new edition of The Shirt. It’s then worn by the entirety of the Notre Dame football fan base at the first home gameday of the season and then throughout the year as a symbol of our iconic team. It is the single-most-sold piece of collegiate apparel in the nation, selling over 150,000 units each year. 

However, the Shirt is a lot more than just a cool t-shirt to wear on a gameday; it truly embodies the spirit of the Notre Dame community. The Shirt Project was founded in 1990 by senior Brennan Harvath as a way to raise funds for student groups here on campus. Due to the success of the original design, 34 years later, the Shirt Project continues to be a primary source of funding for student clubs, organizations, and the Rector Fund. Driven by a passion for helping students, the Shirt Charity Fund was the Fund to help students with any unexpected medical expenses that may arise during their time on campus.


Beyond bringing together and supporting the Notre Dame community, the Shirt Project has come to hold an incredibly special place in my own Notre Dame story. For the past 3 years, I have had the honor of serving as a member of the Shirt Committee as one of the Unveiling Coordinators. After months of hard work designing the Shirt, I have the fun task of planning a giant celebration at which we unveil the latest design. Featuring guest speakers and student performances, the Unveiling is a great way to celebrate the upcoming football season with the Notre Dame family. Traditionally held on the evening before the Blue and Gold Game, the 2023 Unveiling is this Friday, April 21st from 4:30 – 6PM on Library Lawn. If you’re in the area – come by!

Being a member of the Shirt Committee has been my quintessential “Notre Dame” experience. To be a part of this incredible tradition and give back to the campus community that has welcomed me with such open arms has been an amazing experience. There is truly nothing like seeing the stands on the first game day, full of people all wearing the Shirt that we worked so hard on all year. The Shirt is something so uniquely Notre Dame – created for the students, by the students (with a little Irish football spirit).

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