Themes in Mendoza

Author: Katie Martin


I am entering my second year in the Mendoza College of Business and am starting to notice some reoccurring themes in all of my business courses. This is my list so far:

1. Suits, Jackets, Ties, Collared Shirts and A-line Skirts

Especially by junior year, I can’t go to a single business class without sitting next to someone who’s dressed up for something, whether that be an interview, networking event, or a presentation for another class. I’m surrounded by high-achievers and go-getters in Mendoza; and there’s constantly chatter about internships, interviews, and projects.

2. Ethics, Ethics, Ethics

Somehow, almost every business class finds a way to incorporate ethics into the curriculum. For example, in accounting, I remember having a lecture on ethical and unethical accounting practices. In marketing, too, we discussed ethics in terms of marketing strategies and campaigns. Not to mention that Business Ethics itself is a required course in Mendoza. More so, I think the MCOB’s slogan Ask More of Business™ is extremely encapsulated in a current course of mine that’s called Foresight in Business and Society. In this class, we have a semester long project that asks us to “produce well-reasoned research studies that address major societal issues, consider trends and future implications for society and business, and suggest appropriate solutions, in light of moral and ethical concerns” (

****My group, specifically, chose to focus on the future implications of medical tourism from the U.S. to the countries of Thailand, India, and Singapore. We’re also considering using iBook as a medium for our final project, which could have digital and interactive visuals as well. This works for me because I’m an IT MGT major with a visual communication design concentration, and I chose a supplementary major in Asian Studies. Being that I also have a strong interest in healthcare policy, you can probably tell that I'm glad we got to choose our topic. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this project!

3. Group Meetings on Group Meetings

Beginning with sophomore year, most of the business classes have some sort of group project, group presentation, or even group homework assignment. At least once a week or more I’m finding time to meet with a group outside of class- either at the library or LaFortune Student Center (LaFun). I think that for the most part I like having so much group work – it’s been a great way to meet people that I wouldn’t have talked to before. There have also been many challenges in working with groups, but I believe this is good preparation for the real world!

Overall and because of the themes above, I think being part of Mendoza at Notre Dame was the best choice for me. I’m already seeing how my business courses have applied to and benefited the work and projects I’m involved in outside of school – and I’m only a 1st semester junior! I'm looking forward to the challenges, opportunities, and semesters ahead.