Things I Look Forward to During Autumn at ND

Author: Brynelle Rozario

1.      Smelling the crisp morning air on the walk to your first class of the day.

2.      Wearing light jackets.  It’s not cold enough to break out the parka, but just cool enough to pick out your favorite light coat. (Not to mention the scarves and sweaters)

3.      Watching your friends from California break out the parka in the middle of October when it is only 50 degrees outside.

4.      Fall break: going home, participating in a service trip, or visiting friends.

5.      Getting a hot chocolate during a cold football game.

6.      Candlelight dinners at South Dining Hall after the football games.

7.      The time change! (Getting an extra hour of sleep)

8.      Being only a few months away from Christmas at ND (A magical place!)

9.      Fall coffee specials (Kind of cliché, but rightly so)

10.    Walking across God Quad as the leaves fall across your face and the dome shines bright.