Countdown to Early Action: 3 Ways to Stay Active and Compete at Notre Dame

Author: Matthew Keough

3 Days

There are plenty of ways to stay active and competitive on campus aside from your typical varsity level sports. Notre Dame has numerous organized leagues and events with a wide variety of sports and activities to choose from. Let’s take a look at just three ways students can get involved, but keep in mind the possibilities are endless! 


Club Sports 
Joining a club team gives students the opportunity to represent Notre Dame and compete against other schools from across the country. The student-run and funded teams typically practice 2-3 times a week. Students can compete in mainstream sports like baseball, basketball, field hockey, soccer and volleyball but also have the chance to try something new like archery, equestrian, fishing, world taekwondo and futsal. 

Intramural Sports 
Intramural sports offer a less intensive but equally fulfilling opportunity to be a part of a team. Intramural sports competition are played between Notre Dame students only and does not involve traveling. Leagues can range from 3-6 weeks periods or simply a one-day event. 

Interhall Sports

2010 Interhall Championships 9

Interhall sports pin the dormitory halls against one another in competition for the coveted Kelly Cup, O’Leary Cup and the resulting campus-wide bragging rights. These are huge here at Notre Dame, and most people have competed in at least one league, if not many.