Time Management

Author: Luzolo Matundu

Luzolo Headshot Final

Time management is an art. It requires precision and dedication. And even when you are precise and dedicated, things can fall apart anyway. I think of time management in two categories: the schedule and the to-do list. 

In terms of scheduling, there are the basics: get enough sleep and save time to eat. While you can try to skip out on them, you will undeniably regret it to some extent later. In terms of everything else in my day to day life, I live by Google Calendar. I put basically all my events in there. It’s a nice place for me to remind myself what my plans are and see it all in one place. In my calendar I have class times, office hours, work, meals with friends, workout sessions, meetings, club and campus events, time with friends and family, appointments, and anything else that happens at a specific time. I also prioritize events in my calendar. For example, if I have a class and there is an event on campus at the same time, I am going to go to class (96% of the time). 

In terms of the to-do list, I use Notion to keep track of everything I have to do. Notion lets me write everything down in an organized way, but also lets me customize and make it look cute. There are many templates online that are *chefs kiss*.

To be transparent, the to-do list is where I struggle when it comes to time management. As someone that has a full course load, many commitments, and a job, I always have a lot of work to do. I often am too ambitious about what I can get done in one day and underestimate how long it will take me to do something. Balancing completing all these tasks and assignments while also making time for friends and family and leaving some time for myself to just relax is not easy. I just do what I can and make time for myself when needed. 

If anyone tells you they have good time management, they are probably lying. Everyone has good days and bad days. Some days you attend every event on your calendar, and other days you will refuse to get out of bed. Some days you will complete everything on your to do list, and other days you will not get anything done. Most days you will experience an inbetween of all the above. 

What matters is effort. Make an effort to be more consistent in your attendance and complete your tasks. Hold yourself accountable, but also remember you are not a robot. Do what you can and take all the time you need.