Top 10 Notre Dame Social Media Accounts to Follow

Author: Savannah Carr

Coming into Notre Dame, one of the first things students do is follow a lot of social media accounts to make sure that they are in the loop about, well, everything! So, I have compiled a list of Instagram accounts that you can follow to get all types of information and entertainment!


University Accounts

Notre Dame: @notredame

Saint Mary’s College: @saintmaryscollege

Holy Cross College: @holycrossnd

Following the University’s official account is a crucial part of being a student. The main account posts things regarding the whole university, like main events and beauty shots, and it's always nice to scroll through and stay updated with the school! I have also included the accounts for Saint Mary’s College and Holy Cross College, because I believe that it's important to stay informed with all things regarding the tri-campus community!

Fighting Irish


Fighting Irish Sports: @thefightingirish

This account is the official profile for Notre Dame Athletics, and they post a lot of highlights from all the sports teams! I enjoy watching the reels and videos they put together that showcases the players and their accomplishments. If you are a sports fan, or you just enjoy supporting the sports teams (like me), this account is crucial to follow! 

ND Welcome Weekend

First-Year Accounts

ND First-Year Advising: @ndfirstyear

Notre Dame Welcome Weekend: @ndwelcome

These accounts are especially helpful for first-year students to help you know about the timeline of events, info for welcome weekend, and a lot of great advice before you move on campus.

Stu Gov

Student Life

Student Government: @ndstugov

Student Union Board: @subnd

Student Activities: @sao_nd

Diversity Council: @nddiversitycouncil

These accounts inform their followers about student events, activities, clubs, and giveaways on campus! It's also important to stay involved with student government and know who your representatives are, so that we can promote awareness, understanding, and kindness for each student at Notre Dame and in the tri-campus community.


Resident Life

Flaherty Hall: @flaherty_hall

Resident life is a huge part of your community at ND, and it's so fun to follow your hall’s specific page. Since I live in Flaherty Hall, I love to see the pictures they post of my friends, and it's always nice to stay updated with dorm specific events and to see the wonderful people that live here! Once you get your residence hall placement, be sure to follow their account.


Class Accounts

Class of 2025: @ndclass25

Class of 2026: @ndclass26

Class of 2027: @ndclass2027

Class of 2028: @ndclass28

It’s crucial to follow your class council account to stay updated with class specific events, merch, sales, and more! You are going to graduate alongside your fellow classmates, so it's important to know them and really expand your network! (Please note these accounts are student-run and are not affilitated with the University of Notre Dame.)

Notre Domer

Campus Beauty

NotreDomer: @notredomer

Domers On A Bench: @domersonabench

These accounts really put the beauty of Notre Dame on display. Some of the best shots of campus—showcasing the different seasons, the lakes, the dome, and of course the students—are posted here. Different ND stories are also shared, and this truly allows followers to know the community and know why people feel so at home on campus.

Nd Alumni

Alumni Association

Alumni & Friends: @ndalumni

I like to follow this account because I feel a greater bond with the ND family. Lots of their posts consist of what’s going on around campus and highlights connecting with all generations of Domers and Irish fans!

Campus Ministry

Religion & Faith

Campus Ministry: @ndministry

Faith is a huge part of the culture at Notre Dame, and that looks different for every single student. This account is great to follow to also stay updated with events regarding religion and faith, and all are welcome to join and learn more. It's very important to share different perspectives and experiences so that we could be a more inclusive community!

Campus Dining

Campus Dining

Dining: @ndcampusdining

Lastly, I would recommend following this page since it highlights new foods to try across campus! They always take the most beautiful pictures of the food, and it never fails to make me hungry! If you are a foodie like me, this is also a crucial account to follow!