Top Ten Tuesdays: Nights at Notre Dame

Author: Elizabeth Maroshick


Welcome to Top Ten Tuesdays! This series focuses on different top tens relevant to the world of college. Each week a different intern shares their top ten list. Additionally, look out on social media for vlogs that may go along with the list. This week the theme is top ten nights at Notre Dame. Elizabeth Maroshick writes of her top ten favorite nights at the University. 

Top 10 Nights At Notre Dame

As a senior who has been fortunate enough to experience a plethora of ND’s traditions - ranging from highly sentimental to completely wacky - here is my official list of the Top 10 BEST nights at Notre Dame:

1. First Snowball Fight

This tradition may happen in October, it may happen in January, but rest assured, you WILL know when tonight’s the night. For the first snowfall of each year, students gather on South Quad to participate in a gigantic snowball fight - armed with lightsabers and their warmest winter boots. For anyone who’s never experienced South Bend weather, this is always an entertaining first. 

2. Class Trip to the Grotto

One of my personal favorite ND traditions is the class trip to the grotto. Freshmen go during Welcome Weekend as they embark on their college journey, and seniors go during Commencement Week as a ceremonial goodbye to their home here in South Bend. Whether it’s your first year here or your last, this candlelit tradition is one that’s sure to make you extra grateful for your Irish family.

3. Keenan Revue

The men of Keenan Hall put on a hilarious and often somewhat scandalous comedy show for the entire Notre Dame community each spring as one of the most popular dorm events on campus. This is an absolute MUST during your time here, but be prepared to wait in line for tickets outside of LaFun for at least a couple of hours, or have a very generous friend wait for you:)

4. Dome Dance

This highly coveted night at ND is reserved for residents of the three halls of the year - Men’s, Women’s, and overall. Residents and their dates get to attend Prom 2.0 under the Golden Dome itself, a location only used as a dance space for this illustrious event.

5. Flick on the Field

As someone who has now seen Rudy at least a dozen times (and I know this is probably a relatively low number in comparison to some lifelong ND fans), I still tear up every time the team carries Rudy off the field. Each year in the first few weeks of the fall semester, students and community members gather to watch this classic film in the stadium - the place where all the magic happens! It’s a wholesome night that always makes you especially proud to be ND!

6. Domerfest

I know all of the upperclassmen like to joke about Domerfest being the best night of your lives, but in all honesty, it truly is a great way to meet new people and have some fun with your class before school starts! A DJ, lots of free food, and activities take over Duncan Student Center to celebrate the freshmen class. Brownie points if you meet your future spouse too…

7. Drummer’s Circle Before the First Home Football Game

Although Drummers Circle happens before each football game, the one before the first home game is always particularly electric. Victory begins at midnight, and there’s no way you won’t be hyped for an Irish victory after hearing all of those drum cadences!

8. LHOP 

A less sappy (but more syrupy?) tradition night is LHOP, a.k.a Lewis House of Pancakes. Hosted by Lewis Hall from 9 p.m. - 1 a.m., the Chicks serve different breakfast foods on each floor to a myriad of students with late-night cravings. All proceeds benefit the Food Bank of Northern Indiana!

9. Late Night LaFun Runs

The great thing about this unofficial tradition is that it can happen just about any day of the year. A night post drummer’s circle or SYR can not be complete without a quick stop to the Huddle for some Ben and Jerry’s, TacoHut, or just to hang with friends. It’s always a fun time to run into random classmates, roommates, or buddies to have a late night chat and a snack!

10. Finals Week Midnight Scream

What better way to deal with the stress of exams, papers, and projects than by letting out a bloodcurdling scream with all of your friends? During finals week in the fall and spring, students gather outside of Hesburgh Library to let out their anxieties with a primal scream at midnight. It’s always a fun and stress-relieving study break!