Top Ten Tuesdays: Places to Visit in South Bend

Author: Ava Downey


Welcome to Top Ten Tuesdays! This series focuses on different top tens relevant to the world of college. Each week a different intern shares their top ten list. Additionally, look out on social media for video vlogs that may go along with the list. This week the theme is top ten places to visit in South Bend. Join Ava Downey as she shares her favorite things to do off-campus!

10. South Bend Chocolate Factory

Tour the South Bend Chocolate Factory and get some free samples. The guided tour gives you a deep dive into their chocolate-making process. It's super fun and affordable! They also have a storefront in Downtown South Bend!

Chocolate Factory

9. Chippewa Bowl

Chippewa Bowl is probably the most iconic bowling alley in South Bend. It is a perfect activity during especially hot or cold days.

Chippewa Bowl

8. Four Winds Fields

South Bend Cubs games on Thursdays hit differently. Enjoy South Bend's minor league baseball team and the atmosphere that the SB community creates.

Four Winds Field South Bend Cubs

7. South Bend Farmers Market

Enjoy the fresh produce and home-made items from the local area at the South Bend Farmers Market.

Farmers Market

6. Howard Park

Enjoy the river walk, take a run, look at the shops/restaurants on Jefferson. During the winter they have an outdoor ice-skating path. It is super fun!

Howard Park

5. Studebaker Museum

South Bend has a lot of history, especially when it comes to the industrial revolution. Visit the Studebaker Museum to see the major industries South Bend once hosted. It is attached to the South Bend History Museum.


4. Dainty Maid Food Hall

Enjoy a variety of food from different vendors all in one place! 

Dainty Maid

3. Morris Performing Arts Center

The Morris Performing Arts Center is absolutely stunning and always has events going on. Check out their current event calendar to see what is playing. It is always a great weekend activity.

Morris Performing Arts

2. Roselily

Roselily is amazing! Their menu is seasonally curated and includes an assortment of vegetarian and vegan options.


1. Erasmus Books

Here is a great review I found that describes Erasmus Books: "Located in the old residential part of downtown South Bend, there’s just something special and almost magical about this place." It's inside a house, so don't think you have the wrong address.

Erasmus Books