Top Ten Tuesdays: Study Spots

Author: Meaghan Northup


Welcome to Top Ten Tuesdays! This series focuses on different top tens relevant to the world of college. Each week a different intern shares their top ten list. Additionally, look out on social media for video vlogs that may go along with the list. This week the theme is top ten places to study on campus. Meaghan Northup is a sophomore intern and a business analytics major. One of her favorite pastimes in college is exploring unique places at Notre Dame all the while doing her homework. These are her current top ten places to study on campus.


10. By the Lake

I love doing my homework on a picnic blanket by the lake. It is always extremely peaceful. It is a perfect place to hammock or work on the grass. This spot would place higher but lacks wifi thus securing its spot in tenth place. Additionally, it is only available in the warmer months of the year. Definitely take advantage of this spot while you can.


Mckenna Hall

9. McKenna Hall

McKenna hall is the admissions building. It is extremely new and absolutely stunning. For some reason, it also always smells great. As an admissions intern, I have special access to some study spaces on the fourth floor. I love working at the desks there and the windows in the room provide great natural lighting. The building would be ranked higher but is far South on campus so it is a little bit of a trek. A pro tip is to check out Cafe J across the road from McKenna for a latte break while studying.

Mod Quad

8. The Grassy Knoll

The Grassy Knoll is located between Pasquerilla West and East Hall. It is one of the only spots on campus with any sort of hill. It is extremely peaceful and always gets great sunlight. Additionally, the green space is close enough to the buildings to receive wifi. This is a great underrated spot to hammock or use a picnic blanket. Similar to the lake, this spot would be ranked higher. However, it is only available in the warmer months of the year as a study spot. This spot is also a great place to read a book or play spike ball.

Lafortune 2

7. The Booths in the LaFortune Basement

Before the Duncan Student Center, LaFun was the place to be. However, it should definitely not be overlooked. Beyond easy access to Starbucks, Flip Kitchen, Tacobell, and the newly organized Huddle Mart, LaFun is a great place to hunker down and finish a math assignment. The booths in the basement are spacious enough to study with a friend in a quiet but also lively atmosphere. Additionally, LaFun has a great variety of snack options to empower your study sesh (Just be careful because FlexPoints go fast...spend wisely). The only problem with LaFun is that sometimes it can be busy and thus hard to find an open booth. Make sure to have a backup spot if you plan to visit.


6. Coleman Morse

The Study Lounge at Coleman Morse is one of my favorite places to do a paper or make slides for my Student International Business Council project. Although it is far away from my dorm, PDUB, it is conveniently located across the quad from South Dining Hall. Although a little bit of a hike, I sometimes find that a walk to the other side of campus gives me more motivation to work than simply working in my room. Additionally, as a student in the Sara Bea Center, it is the ideal place to cram before an exam or debrief after one is finished. The only downside is that the study lounge functions as a meeting space for other clubs or groups on campus at times. However, this is rarely an issue as one can go into one of the side rooms or grab a table or chair on the second floor. 

North Reading Room

5. The 2nd Floor North Reading Room

Studying at Hesburgh Library is a classic. There are a variety of study rooms and easy access to yummy paninis and lattes at Au Bon Pain. The one downside of Hes is that I often end up chatting with friends for longer than I mean to. Sitting in the great reading rooms is fun but maybe not as productive as one sometimes needs to be—hence, the 2nd floor reading room. It is a strictly quiet space full of long tables and cozy chairs. It is so quiet that even typing can be too loud. When I know I have a long night of studying ahead of me or an essay that must be done, this space is ideal. The intense concentration in the room is often just the motivation I need to get my work done. Additionally, if I need a break I can leave the room and take a lap. By just walking around, I often run into friends and can say hi before going back to work. However, I reserve this space for meeting strict deadlines or exams. On other days I personally prefer a slightly more lively atmosphere. 

Merulo Family

4. Merulo Family Career Center

The fifth floor of Duncan Student Center is a relatively unknown study spot. Located conveniently close to Debart, Chick-Fil-A, Mendoza, and many more buildings on campus, it is an ideal spot to log a couple hours of work or eat a meal. The main hallway has a fantastic view of the dome and basilica. The center also has many rentable rooms perfect for zoom calls, interviews, or just finishing some homework. 


3. The Mendoza Basement

Thomas Mahaffey, Jr. Business Library—AKA the BIC—is one of my personal favorite places to do work. Although Mendoza is located on the South side of campus, the environment and resources make up for the long trek. The BIC is a computer lab with monitors perfect for making professional slides (for consulting, finance, etc.) or doing one’s coding homework. It is also extremely fun to work with many of my friends from business classes. Other colleges may have a similar hub in their respective buildings. Doing work with people with similar majors and interests is a great motivator. Additionally, it allows for collaboration and help on tough assignments.

Offcampus Starbucks

2. Eddy Street Starbucks

One thing I love about Notre Dame is that everything one needs is within walking distance. All my friends, dining options, study spaces, and classrooms are 15 minutes or less from my dorm. However, I find that going to the same places each day can become slightly monotonous. I am a big fan of travel and adventure so I’m always looking for change. Walking to Eddy Street is a great way to step away from the campus environment for a few hours. The cafe has many tables and wifi. It also takes Starbucks gift cards! One of my favorite activities on non-game day Saturdays is to listen to music, make the long walk to Eddy Street, enjoy a matcha latte, and spend several hours completing assignments in a different space. 


1. The Tenth Floor of Hesburgh Library

Buried in the bookshelves of the upper floors of Hes is truly one of the best study spots on campus. One table stands alone overlooking the dome and basilica. Although the spot is usually taken, it is a must-do bucket list item to study there for the day. The table is especially awesome around sunset. The picture for this space was taken by me while I did my calculus homework after a game day.