Top Ten Tuesdays: Things To Do for Fun

Author: Vera Leon


Welcome to Top Ten Tuesdays! This series focuses on different top tens relevant to the world of college. Each week a different intern shares their top ten list. Additionally, look out on social media for video vlogs that may go along with the list. This week Vera Sofia Leon shares her top ten things to do at Notre Dame for fun.

Top Ten Things To Do at Notre Dame for Fun

It’s easy to fall into a constant routine in college, with days that seem to repeat themselves: wake up, class, lunch, class, dinner, study, sleep. This seemingly endless loop can make days and weeks sometimes boring, with nothing new to do (especially when you live on campus and always feel like you are stuck there). To help ease symptoms of boredness, I have curated a list of top ten things to do at Notre Dame for fun! 

Ice Arena

10. Go Ice Skating

At the Compton Family Ice Arena there are public skate hours where you can go with your friends to do something different than the usual. 

Fitness Class

9. Attend a Fitness Class 

Smith Center for Recreational Sports offers lots of different fitness classes ranging from zumba, beat biking, barre, yoga, cycling, and much more!


8. Do a Picnic by the Lake

Go to the huddle or the nearby Trader Joe’s and buy your favorite snacks and drinks. Get any sort of blanket or towel and set it on the lawn near the lake. Voila, you have a picnic! The sunsets by the lake are the most beautiful and with a wholesome picnic on the lawn, what more could you ask for?

Mc 2 22 18 Climbing Wall 04

7. Go Rock Wall Climbing

If you are looking for a different type of workout or fun experience, at the Duncan Student Center there is a Climbing and Bouldering Wall open all days except Saturday.

Debartolo Performing

6. Watch a show at the Debartolo Performing Arts Center

DPAC has so many concerts, plays, films, and more. If you are looking for more of a cultural experience, definitely check out their website to see what events there are. 

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5. Eat out at Eddy Street

As a big foodie, I love going to restaurants to change my usual dining hall meals and have a fun time with friends. There are many restaurants offering a variety of foods. Even though they are so close to campus, they can still serve as a fun escape. 

Christmas Sprinkle Cookies

4. Attend Dorm Food Events

Most dorms have a designated day of the week where they give out free food. Ryan Hall has its infamous “FJs”—Father Joe’s ice cream and cookie social—with all the types of cookies, brownies and sweets that you could imagine. Similarly, most other dorms have a designated day of the week where they give out all sorts of delicious goodness, all of which you can attend with your friends. Maybe even make a dorm food bucket list to check off!

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3. Go to Student Group Events

The Student Union Board (or Sub as we call it) has activities and events for students almost every day. These include early morning yoga, acousticafe, karaoke, smores on the lawn, and more! They also have a week called Antostal full of free food and fun activities like making your own build-a-bear and going to the observatory. I make sure to follow their Instagram so that I can be up to date with all the events they are having. On the Student Activities Office website you can view all the events that are happening on campus and make sure not to miss out on any!


2. See an Exhibition at the Snite Museum of Art

There is just something about walking through a museum that makes you feel at peace and content. If you are looking for a quick study break, look into the Snite's different exhibitions, art and sculptures that are on display


1. Watch a Sports Game 

And no, I am not just talking about football. There are so many other women’s and men’s sports teams that have constant games you can attend. My friends and I love going to basketball and hockey games but you can also get tickets for soccer, baseball, tennis and more! It’s a great way to have fun while also showing school spirit. 

This Top 10 list is limited to the Notre Dame campus area but outside those limits there are also many fun activities you can find in the city of South Bend and Mishawaka ranging from drive-in movie theaters, bowling, to museums and much more.