Untapped Resources: McWell and The Calm App

Author: Sarah Price

View of the Golden Dome on the Main Building at the Univ of Notre Dame

This year has been nothing short of stressful for many people, especially students and families. Yet, even prior to lockdown(s) the University of Notre Dame has invested in its McDonald Center for Student Well-Being, often dubbed McWell.

McWell is certainly underused by students on campus, although there has been an increase in demand during this past year. 

McWell's motto is building skills to thrive - and McWell's staff helps students do just that!

Whether it is decompressing after a stressful week in one of the ambiance rooms, participating in one of the journaling challenges, joining others in a fitness class, or even experiencing a walking meditation, McWell has something for everyone.

One of my favorite things at McWell, the restorative spaces which are themed as a jungle fort, family living, or break room. These reserved spaces are great to book an hour to do homework, arts and crafts (freely provided), or just to sit back and relax!

Even if you have more specific concerns about how to thrive in your life, cope with daily stress and anxiety, or improve your sleep habits, McWell has got you covered! 

One of the ways McWell can help is through Notre Dame's new partnership with the Calm App, which provides a free, campus-wide subscription to the app. 

The Calm App is committed to relaxation, meditation, and greater self-awareness. I utilized this app and even fell asleep to a relaxing story narrated by Idris Elba! Mr. Elba is one of dozens of celebrity voice-overs that walk you through a short (or long) story and even some meditations.

The Calm App has been a blessing in disguise as it helps people drop their shoulders and breathe a sigh of release in times where relaxation is few and far between