Untapped Resources: The Office of Student Enrichment

Author: Sarah Price

Untapped Square

Hidden on the second floor of LaFortune Student Center is the Office of Student Enrichment (OSE). Aimed at providing a more inclusive and open environment for all Notre Dame Undergraduates, OSE is a God-sent resource for our low socioeconomic status students. 

Seeking to enrich the Notre Dame experience for all, this untapped resource has many opportunities for funding, mentorship, and guidance.

Most advertised is their Student Experience Fund which boasts financial support, coverage, and supplement for almost any financial burden one may face. Whether it be professional or winter clothing, club and retreat fees, or graduation or move-in costs, the OSE is extending the Notre Dame family to those who face financial barriers.

The OSE also has a Fighting Irish Scholars (FIS) Program that had 106 members this academic year! The program combats the struggle that many first-generation, low-income students face in college: having to balance being a student and part/full-time employees. This program provides leadership opportunities, mentorship, and networking events for any Scholar in addition to monetary stipends.

Finally, the OSE has fostered a Dream ND Community supporting DACA students as the Notre Dame community and family extends beyond one's background, financial circumstances, and nationality. The Dream ND Community just brings to life Notre Dame's words and passion for expansion and inclusion in a new and greater light. 

At Notre Dame, there is definitely an archetype of our student body - we cannot deny that. However, if financial barriers contribute to any hardship you may face as an ND student, the Office of Student Enrichment is a great place to take that first step towards enhancing your Notre Dame experience.