What I Miss Most

Author: Danielle Rieger

I have to admit, being an off campus senior does have its perks. I get to cook on my own, live with my closet friends, and get to leave campus on days that I really need a break. I am also really starting to learn what it is going to be like next year when I live in my own apartment. I have to pay my rent each month, make sure I am not leaving all the lights on to keep my electricity bill low, and even sacrifice having cable just to save money.  But despite having this new independence, I have realized that there are quite a few things about living on campus that I miss. Here is a list of the things I miss most about living on campus. 


1. Having a Meal Plan 

I miss having a meal plan because if I was ever in a rush or really hungry, the food was already prepared for me. I love being able to make my own food, but sometimes I really miss the convenience of the dining hall. 





2. Flex Points 

I miss flex points because I now have to pay for meals or snacks with my own money. I can no longer buy my morning coffee at the Huddle because my free spending money, as I liked to call it,  is gone. 




3. Waking up 5 Minutes Before Class

I miss waking up right before class and still being able to make it on time. Living on campus allows you to do to the quick five minute walk to Debart instead of having to drive to campus, find a parking spot, and then do a brisk walk to just to make it to class on time. 




4. Walking Around Campus for Study Breaks

On days when I would need to get out of my room or the library from doing so much homework, I would take a 10 minute walk around campus to de-stress and take in how beautiful campus was and realize how lucky I am to go here. 



5. Living Right Next To All Your Friends 

With all of the off-campus housing options that are available, most of my friends are spread out all around South Bend. Being on campus had all of your friends in one place and you knew you could go see them whenever you were close by. 





6. Printing 

Living off campus means not having a printer right down the hall. I always have to make sure I print everything I need before or after class because I know once I go home, I won’t be able to print any of the readings I’ll need. 





7. Candy Wall 

I miss having a place to go for my late night cravings. My roommates and I try not to have sweets in the house, so not being able to run to the Huddle and buy a small bag of candy is really hard. 






8. Knowing About Campus Events 

I miss seeing all of the posters that are around campus. Being off campus means being out of the loop on all of the events that are going on. I no longer have stall notes in my bathroom to remind me of all the talks or activities that I want to go see.