What is the Science-Business Major? A Q&A with Gabe Tauro '19

Author: Shannon Rooney

Gabe Tauro '19

Gabe Tauro '19 wanted to be a doctor when he was little, but a year at Notre Dame led him to the unique science-business major. This interdisciplinary major prepares students to enter the scientific business market or an MBA program right after graduation. Students gain experience through coursework in business along with the four basic areas of science: biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. 

When he graduates, Gabe will be set up for a career in public health, hospital administration, or the pharmaceutical, biological, or chemical industries. Below, he tells us how he chose the science-business major and offers some advice for future Notre Dame students who share his interests. 

When you started at Notre Dame, did you know you wanted to major in Science-Business? 

I actually had very little idea of what I wanted to do. For all my life, I was convinced that I wanted to be a doctor, but a year at Notre Dame made me realize that perhaps medicine wasn't my true calling. From there, I was able to assess my skills, and have come to realize that I enjoy putting myself out there and interacting with people. It only seemed natural to use this in tandem with my science background as a means of leveraging me into a career in sales (at a pharmaceutical or tech firm).

Have you always been interested in science?

Science has undoubtedly played a role in much of my life. Even when I was young, I would look around for bugs and carry out hair-brained experiments in the backyard, carefully ensuring that I followed the scientific method. To be honest, I couldn't see myself doing anything else.

Were you the entrepreneurial type as a kid? 

While I was not really much of an entrepreneur, I most definitely was a salesman. As a kid, I always had these chocolate bar fundraisers at my elementary school. With a chocolate bar in one hand, and a pen in another, I rode along in my mother’s car going door-to-door asking for money orders until the sun went down. Even though I didn’t know it at the time, it was something I was good at. So, it makes sense that I would want to have some business-related venture in my future.

What are your favorite classes within your major?

I would say that, so far, my favorite classes in my major have definitely been my General Chemistry I and II labs, as well as my Principles of Marketing class.

How about your favorite classes overall at Notre Dame?

At Notre Dame, I have also been able to take a few electives that I have found incredibly enjoyable. Two in particular include VCD 3: Web Design in the Department of Art and Art History, and History of San Francisco in the Department of Computing and Digital Technologies.

What are your career goals? 

I hope to get either get into a sales career in pharmaceuticals or tech, or make it into pharmacy school; preferably after doing a two-year service-based program such as ACE or the Peace Corps.

Do you have any advice for high school students who have similar interests?

Go into college realizing that you can change your major. It’s completely fine to change your mind. I went in thinking science was my only interest, but business was equally as exciting to me. So, it was only natural that I add it to my repertoire.

Know that going into college as a science major doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a doctor or researcher. There are a wealth of fields out there looking to hire people with diverse mindsets and coursework. Take classes that interest you, and go from there. You mind end up finding an interdisciplinary major like mine that catches your fancy.

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The science-business major is one in a series of interdisciplinary majors offered by the College of Science. Others include science-computing and science-education. Visit the College of Science website to learn more.