What To Do Over the Summer

Author: Vera Leon


Although summer vacation is a time we all look forward to, many people (including myself) stress over how we can take advantage of this time to be productive and do something useful. I have looked into many different opportunities students can take, that could be of use when deciding what to do over the summer.

One option the University offers is Summer Abroad. Summer Abroad students can travel and study in places such as Rome, Beijing, Brazil and more incredible places worldwide. You can take classes for credit while immersing yourself in a different culture. There are also many funding opportunities in order to make this possible for all students. The idea of taking a Theology class in Jerusalem or a Literature class in London is an exciting and one-of-a-kind experience.
If the idea of taking classes still interests you, but you would rather do it in the comfort of your home or anywhere—the University offers summer classes that can be taken virtually. By taking a class you can still enrich your mind, lighten your coursework for future semesters and even get ahead. Although you can take some classes online, there are others which you can take from campus!

However, you do not have to restrict yourself to courses that the University offers. Look into summer classes or programs at your local colleges that you are interested in. Whether you want to take a course on something that interests you or you are looking to expand your knowledge, this is an option that shouldn’t be dismissed. Personally, as an architecture major, I have been looking into classes on programs like Revit and AutoCAD that my local art college offers as a way to expand on these important skills. 

Taking classes is not your only option! If research is something that interests you, the University has many resources to help students with research projects. There are research opportunities in different fields and departments, as well with different professors. You can also look into doing your own research and the University can connect you with a professor to guide you throughout this process. 

Internships are also something that many students opt for. It is a great way to gain experience and knowledge in a field that can potentially interest you. By gaining professional experience, you are making connections and becoming a better candidate for when applying to future job opportunities. The University has career fairs for different colleges and fields that could be used as a resource to secure a summer internship. The University also prepares you with resume and cover letter workshops as well as interview preparations with the career center

Finally, do not think that because you have more free time during the summer, you have to do something. Treat summer vacation as a vacation to explore your interests, do what you love, and be with friends and family. Having a productive summer can be interpreted in many different ways but overall means that you did something that you wanted to do. In the end, make sure that you enjoy your summer in whichever way you want to.