What Were the Interns up to this Summer: Ava Downey

Author: Ava Downey

I had a busy summer this year! After finals, I flew home to San Diego to take a break from the gloom and cold that extended into May in South Bend. When in San Diego, I was able to visit some friends, take some small weekend trips, and recuperate from the busy semester (while also restoring my vitamin-D levels). After a few weeks home, I flew to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to start the first leg of a program I was admitted to called Girls Who Invest (GWI)--thanks to the career center for helping me find this! The program aims to have 30% of the world’s investable capital managed by women by 2030. To accomplish this goal, GWI brings over 200 college women from across the country with a variety of majors and backgrounds to the University of Pennsylvania to learn key finance and investment concepts for one month. In Philadelphia, I was able to learn from professors and experts within the finance industry, and I also experienced all the great things Philly has to offer: cheesesteaks, sports, U.S. history and more! After Philadelphia, I traveled to Chicago for my internship—the latter part of the GWI program. For seven weeks, I interned at Prudential Private Capital rotating through their Corporate Finance, Direct Lending, and Mezzanine funds. When I was not interning, I was exploring Chicago: food, Lollapalooza, different neighborhoods, and watching The Bear on Hulu. In the midst of the busy-ness, I was able to make a trip back to South Bend to visit some friends. All-in-all, I had a very busy but great summer of learning. This summer has definitely made me more grateful for the time I have left at ND!