While You Wait...

Author: Gabe Tauro

Gabe Tauro

Gadzooks! You finally did it. After all those hours spent slaving away in front of a computer screen, you clicked the submit button, and a massive weight has lifted itself off your shoulders. Congratulations! You can now say that you’ve submitted your first college application, and you’re well on your way to claiming your spot under the Dome…BUT WAIT! What if your extracurriculars aren’t competitive enough? What if your SAT score was just a few points below the median? What if you got a B+ in freshman-year physical education because Coach Simmons said your mile time “wasn’t good enough?"

What if? 

For all you young scholars experiencing the above quandary, I have but one word of advice: “Relax!” Now don’t get me wrong, this is undoubtedly a stressful time for you. You’ve probably never wanted anything more.

After four years of varsity sports and/or performing arts, hundreds of service hours, and a charity rap album written to bring awareness to world hunger, it’s been a long time coming. All that work deserves at least some sort of payoff, right?

In these trying times, it is important to realize that your application is now in the capable hands of the Notre Dame admissions team. Every application is being carefully looked over to see who would make a good fit for the University. It may seem intimidating, but understand that you are in the company of thousands of aspiring students around the world.

Some are handling it well and are ahead of the game. Some are still not done with college applications but are remaining proactive. And some are in a state of panic, eating ice cream by the pint, and binge-watching hours of Riverdale. No matter which of the three aforementioned archetypes you may be, it is important to do as the British do—keep calm and carry on.

Finish your senior year strong, and keep asking the following questions: Why do you do the things you do? Why is college so important to you? What are you fighting for? Use your last year of high school wisely. It’s the last time you’ll be with all your high school friends on a regular basis. Make it worthwhile. Take it day by day, knowing that you gave it your all.

Colleges look at the whole student—for what makes him or her special. One college may decide you’re not what they’re looking for, and another might see you as the missing puzzle piece. Whatever happens, keep working hard and be the person you talked about in your application. Whether or not you are able to call yourself a Domer, you are special. And you will make it through this.