You've Submitted Your Application...Now What?

Author: Tajae Thompson

View of the Golden Dome on the Main Building at the Univ of Notre Dame

So you've submitted your application, now what? 


First, I want you to take a deep breath. You have done so much fantastic work to reach this point, and you should be proud of yourself. I hope you pressed the submit button with the knowledge that you were authentic in your application and wrote your essays with care and consideration. 

The hardest part is over; but there is the waiting, which can be just as tricky. Regardless of your familiarity with Notre Dame, there's much more to learn about our Home Under The Dome. While you wait for the admissions decision, why not check out some of the fantastic resources the admissions team has put together.


1. Read some more blogs! We, the admissions interns, are writing from our honest perspectives of living at the University of Notre Dame. We all come from different backgrounds, states, religions, and more, which creates a new meaning for the Notre Dame experience. Our blogs are about winter on campus, the food scene in South Bend, where to get coffee, and even some hot takes on some of campus' contentious matters. Get yourself excited and do some light reading and learn more about this beautiful university.

2. Check out the admissions counselors' podcast, College Bound, on Spotify. The topics don't only address admissions but topics surrounding student life. I participated in an episode about residential life where I spoke about some of my favorite signature events from different dorms and my favorite aspects of dorm life at Notre Dame. We have a distinct dorm culture here, and it is one of the best things about the University, so learn more about it! There are also episodes about research, faith, and much more!

3. Check out our YouTube channel! We have great videos around textbook hauls, the game day experience, and so much more! I understand that it's different to listen and read about student perspectives, and it adds a new depth to see it in action.

4. Follow us on Instagram and Snapchat @ndadmissions so that you can see (almost) daily student takeovers from Notre Dame students. While you're there, send us a question, and we will answer it! Daily life at the University looks different for everyone, and by checking out our social media accounts, you can get a glimpse of what your life could look like on campus!


Most importantly, relax! 


You have done such great work and you deserve to take a break and applaud yourself for everything that you've accomplished thus far. You are smart and you are capable. No matter the outcome, you have given it your all and have put your best foot forward. Take some time, take a deep breath, and check out some admissions content!