All About Dillon

Author: Mario Ojadi

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Dillon Hall is named after Reverend Patrick Dillon, the second president of the University of Notre Dame.

The dorm was constructed in 1931, made possible by revenue generated by legendary head football coach Knute Rockne and the 1925 Rose Bowl victory. It's currently the largest residence hall on campus, and it is undergoing a complete renovation. Because of that renovation, Dillon's residents have been placed in Baumer Hall for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Dillon’s floor plans are pretty standard. However, they are subject to change because of the renovation. Yet, regardless of some changes, I know for a fact that the Dillon men are excited to return home after a year in necessary exile. Each floor has two sections, the "Pizza Pi side" and the "Dining Hall side." The third floor has its own common room, and multiple floors have kitchens. Although they are rarely used, there are multiple fireplaces. When it comes to rooms, there are plenty of triples! One unique perk of having a corner room is that it is nice and elegant, with odd ceilings and plenty of room. 

Dillon has quite a few rich traditions that it's maintained over the years. In my opinion, the most well-known of these is the Milkshake Mass. Every Thursday at 10 p.m. during the regular school year, students from all over campus come together to celebrate Mass in Dillion's dorm chapel. Afterward, Dillon then serves its famous milkshakes for all in attendance. This provides a time every week for them to bond and spend time with one another as a community, despite students’ busy schedules. I have had the privilege of attending Milkshake Mass, and the milkshakes are amazing! 

There is also an annual “Stache Bash.” This is when residents grow out their facial hair, then shave everything but their mustaches and go bowling. Dillon is also known for its opening day whiffle ball tournament. They have other attractions to complement the main tournament from year to year, which has included mechanical bull riding and other outdoor games. 

Dillon boys are also known to be very competitive when it comes to intramural sports. They frequently make solid interhall football and basketball teams that make great playoff runs.

I have a few friends who lived in Dillon, so I've visited the hall often. One thing I can say that struck me as odd is that, despite its size, Dillon does not have elevators, which can be a nuisance during move-in days for those who live on the upper floors. However, the companionship present in the dorm is such that there are always people ready to help you take your heavier items to your room. Maybe the elevator situation will change after the renovation. Regardless, I’m sure the men of Dillon are excited to see their improved dorm.