All About Duncan

Author: Seun Odun-Ayo

Seun 1

Hotel Duncan.

Club Duncan.

Best Dorm on West Quad.

2019-2020 Notre Dame Men’s Hall of the Year.


It really doesn’t matter how you know us, but you do. While there are many titles and phrases by which to know us, we are best described and self-identified by our mottos: Community, Brotherhood, and Respect. 

History: As the second newest men's dorm on campus, Duncan Hall’s history is a short but rich one. After not having a new dorm at ND for ten years, Duncan opened in 2008 as a result of a generous gift of Mr. Raymond Duncan. As students of the dorm, we are not only thankful for its creation but the thought put in to make it one of my most beautiful dorms on campus. 

Duncan is located at the farthest edge of West Quad, and while that might be a hassle for those wanting to visit from North Quad or who residents that want to attend their 8:20 Gen Chem class all the way at Jordan Hall, it does have its benefits. The first benefit is its proximity to South Dining Hall, the greatest dining hall on campus, and Pizza Pi (RIP Reckers) making it incredibly easy to get a snack until 10 p.m.

When it comes to our rooms… we are known for having some of the most spacious rooms with high enough ceilings to be able to bunk your bed, stand on it, and not even touch the ceilings! Not to mention, Duncan has one of the most beautiful chapels on campus, second only to Badin Hall. 

For the two days of sunshine in South Bend during the academic year, the panoramic windows of our five-man rooms are quite beautiful, and our spacious 24-hour lounge is definitely the talk of campus. The lounge itself is home to weekly, dorm-wide contests in events such as ping-pong, pool, and FIFA.

Wherever there is a Duncan Man, there is a crease-free, vibrant green blazer on his shoulder. The tradition of wearing a green blazer with the dorm crest began in an effort to both emphasize our integral motto of Community and Brotherhood, but also to cultivate a reputation of a classier Duncan Hall community.

Duncan is also known for its annual Highlander Highrise where every year, the dorm rents out the 99th floor of the Willis Tower and the 103rd SkyDeck in Chicago to host a dance and celebrate its members with our signature "Dunkies" award show. 

While all that's mentioned above are good things that Duncan is involved in, what truly makes the dorm special and its members proud, is its creation and involvement in events such as The Bald and the Beautiful which benefits the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The dorm also continues to support the foundation through its annual Duncan Classics, a nine-hole, campus-wide golf tournament.