Finance Major Q&A: Ryan Coury '24 on His Favorite Things About the Finance Major

Author: Shannon Rooney

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Ryan Coury '24 is a junior finance major and real estate minor at Notre Dame. He's a people person who appreciates the quality of the business degree he is pursuing, along with learning how to apply it for the greater good.

Below, he shares how he chose the finance major, his favorite class, and some advice for prospective students.  

Why did you choose to major in finance at Notre Dame? 

Ultimately, I knew that there are few finance programs across the country that compare to ours here at Notre Dame. While I am definitely interested in other areas of business as well, I wanted to establish a strong foundation in the subject that, in my opinion, forms the base of all business decisions.

That said, I felt (and continue to feel!) that studying finance at Notre Dame affords me a unique opportunity to learn about an important topic from incredible professors and through real-world experiences that are relevant and ever-changing.

Were you always interested in topics related to this major? 

To be frank, I certainly was not. I came into Notre Dame as a marketing major, and while I certainly still have quite an affinity for this area of business as well, I quickly realized I had wanted to learn more about what financial decisions led to other marketing strategies. I find finance most interesting when it is at the intersection of other fields I find fascinating, such as marketing, real estate, and sports business.

What has been your favorite class in the program and why? 

So far, I have loved my Investment Theory course taught by Ben Matthies. While the course certainly is challenging, I have found it very interesting to understand why certain investment strategies exist as they do, as well as dive deeper into how portfolios are best managed and constructed.

Have you conducted any related research or independent study?

While it wasn’t directly related to finance, I had the pleasure of interning with Notre Dame’s University Relations team in their Development division this past summer. In working with individuals that not only understand the keys to and importance of business, but the mission behind Notre Dame’s interpretation of it, I was able to expand my view of what it means to use finance for good outside the classroom.

What makes the finance program at Notre Dame stand out among programs like it at other schools?

For one, Notre Dame has incredible first-hand experience that is available to students who major in finance, as well as uniquely strong connections to professionals and opportunities in the industry. But, perhaps more importantly, when you study finance at Notre Dame, they not only teach you the importance and art of making money, but the value in choosing to use it for good as well.

Do you have any advice for prospective students who are considering a major in finance? 

Personally, I know I felt daunted coming into ND as a finance major. While it may feel at times that other students have much more background in investing or Wall Street than you do, don’t be discouraged. If you have a passion for understanding the fundamental basis behind business, give finance everything you’ve got.

What are your career plans/post-graduation plans? 

At the moment, I am keeping my options open for post-grad plans! While I am currently looking into potentially pursuing a future in either real estate or sports business of some type, I am aspiring to couple my background in finance with a passion for people wherever my plans may take me.


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