Management Consulting Major Q&A: Victoria Lyczak '24 on Pursuing Her Business Degree

Author: Shannon Rooney


Students in the management consulting major through Mendoza College of Business choose their path to a greater understanding of management in business. Victoria Lyczak '24 chose the major because it combined the topics that interest her. Below, she shares her passion for leadership and ethics, as well as what it's like to be a management consulting major at Notre Dame.

Why did you choose to major in management consulting at Notre Dame? 

I chose to major in management consulting because I wanted a major that allowed me to combine my interests in leadership, ethics, and problem solving while utilizing both communication and analytical skills.

Were you always interested in topics related to this major? 

From the time I was little, I have always loved finding a new and improved way to do things. I have also had a fascination with leadership and ethics since high school—my free time is spent reading books on these topics. 

What has been your favorite class in the program and why? 

Two classes have been particularly formative in my experience in the management consulting major: Business Problem Solving and Innovation & Design Thinking.

Business Problem Solving is a challenging and fast-paced class, but the class prepared me so well for the real-world work a consultant does. It also taught me the value in understanding feedback as a gift.

I am currently taking Innovation & Design Thinking. In it, we are working on a semester-long project with a women’s vocational school in Uganda to combat poverty and increase girls’ access to education.

This class has taught me a way to think outside of the box and solve problems fast, in addition to providing me with the opportunity to engage with such a meaningful project.

Have you conducted any related research or independent study?

Many of my projects in the classroom have involved conducting research. I am currently in Project Management, a class for the management consulting major, in which we are working with the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research (OSPIR) to conduct research among students and staff at Notre Dame.

What makes the management consulting program at Notre Dame stand out among programs like it at other schools?

At Notre Dame, the management consulting curriculum is enhanced with real-world projects with local businesses, well-known organizations in the United States, and even organizations all the way across the world, like St. Bakhita’s in Uganda.

Having the opportunity to connect with Notre Dame alumni at these organizations and try our hand at solving real-time problems is a unique and valuable opportunity.

Do you have any advice for prospective students who are considering a major in management consulting? 

I would invite a prospective student to strongly consider this major if you want to learn how to be an effective communicator, problem solver, and have the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects. You will have the opportunity to learn skills, become aware of the possibilities in different industries, and learn about yourself. It is such a fun and intentional experience!

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