LoveND: Falling For A Purpose

Author: Sarah Price


Dear Notre Dame,


We all know "girls go to college to get more knowledge" but that was definitely NOT the reason I came to Notre Dame, or any university for that matter.

I came to Notre Dame for three main reasons:

  1. Financial Aid: Notre Dame is a need-blind institution and therefore, finances a student's demonstrated need through grants and scholarships - and boy, did I need some financing! 
  2. Choice of Major: I knew that I would only graduate from college with a degree that had career promise straight from undergrad - Economics. There are many majors that promise this, it just turned out that economics was right for me.
  3. Post-Grad resources: Notre Dame is known for its passionate fans, students, and family that culminate into one incredible alumni network, willing to support you after your graduation in any of your adventures!

However, none of these reasons were because I wanted to go to college. Sure, I wanted to change the world, and I still do. I wanted to have a stable future, and I still do. But the one thing that has changed, directly because of Notre Dame's academic and student life, is that I am, for once in my life, finding my purpose.

Whether it be through my economic classes, University or college requirements, experience, friendships, or whatever it may be... ever since I came here, I have been discerning what I was meant to do with my life. There is something very powerful in that, and Notre Dame is preparing me to the best of my ability. Sometimes, it is hard. I'm not going to lie. But, the difficulty in curriculum and the other challenges that happen at any college are better preparing me for every other hurdle I will face in my future.

One important aspect of discerning my purpose is exploring minors in International Development Studies, Sociology, and Africana Studies. My transcript reflects just that, a hodge-podge of interdisciplinary courses that somehow, over the course of my college career has helped me understand that I do want to go to graduate school.

That's right! Graduate school!

I am currently studying for the GRE and will be taking it sometime this summer in preparation for either a Master's or straight entry into a Ph.D. in economics, concentrating in economic development, macroeconomics, or international economics. 

If all else fails, I know one thing for sure: Notre Dame has helped me find my purpose. I came here as a freshman motivated to get in and out in four years and move on with my life, whatever it shall be. Now, I am looking forward to continuing my education in order to act on my purpose. 

I don't know exactly what my purpose is, but it is definitely not going through the motions, which is how I was at the end of my senior year of high school. It has something to do with learning, a lot to do with progress, and everything to do with helping others. 

The only thing I can be certain of is that Notre Dame somehow made a girl from New Jersey realize that she actually can make a difference.


Love Thee,