Notre Dame Dance Company's Tap Co!

Author: Lulu Romero


One of the cool things about Notre Dame is the variety of clubs and organizations that are available to join. Even within the field of dance, there are SO many clubs/troops/groups/companies that are at your disposal based on your interests and skill level (Read Intern Hailey’s Blog Post about dance groups HERE!) I have been a part of Notre Dame’s Dance Co. Since my first semester freshman year, getting to perform all styles of dance at our Semester Showcase (April 28-29! 2023!!). My favorite hidden gem of Dance Co, is Tap Co, our tap dance company for all lovers and dancers of tap! 

I grew up as a competition dance kid and down the road, I was in Reverb Tap Co. based in CA, so you can say that tap dance had a very special place in my heart. When I discovered Tap Co. I was thrilled to be able to join a community of people on campus that loved this style of dance as much as I did. And what I uncovered was something even better. Not only was this a community who loved tap, but it was also a group of friends that was so loving and caring of the tap co culture and spirit. From bonding events to joking around in rehearsals, this group of people have grown to become one of my favorite communities that I have ever been part of.

I have had the joy and privilege to get to choreograph a routine for Tap Co. for three semesters now. My favorite part of this journey, yet again goes back to the community aspect of this group. They have witnessed my crazy ideas, struggled through them, and have impressed me beyond all means at their commitments to try their best through it all. They have also watched me evolve as a choreographer and dancer and have supported me along the way as the ideas get crazier and the songs increase in tempo. Not only do I challenge them, but they also challenge me to continue growing as a dancer, choreographer, and person. 

As this year’s Tap Co. Co-commissioner, my love for this group of people has only grown further. I am endlessly inspired that other tap choreographers are making and the amount of dancers that show up each audition season to be a part of this special company. If you are shuffle ball changing or paddle and rolling under your desk in class, then I hope to see you at next year’s Tap Co. auditions in the fall *wink.