Weekly Update for Admitted Students and Families: 4/13/20

Author: Enrollment Division

The Notre Dame Family is Real

Kerry Temple

I was 17 the first time my father hugged me. He was looking over my shoulder as I read the letter from Notre Dame—the one in the big, thick envelope that said I had gotten in. He threw his arms around me in a big bear hug, lifted me off the ground. He burst into laughter. I can still feel and hear that jubilant reaction 50 years later.

That night in 1969 I also learned he and my mom had dreamed of sending a son to Notre Dame when they talked about starting a family after getting married after World War II. Neither had gone to college. My mother’s household had no father. My dad was poor, too, shuffling between northwest Louisiana and east Texas before serving in the war.

I was 12 when a local high school sports star signed to play at Notre Dame. “It’s every Catholic boy’s dream to go to Notre Dame,” he announced in the local paper. I was a Catholic boy; Notre Dame became my dream, too.

It wasn’t easy at first. Everyone was smarter than I was; the workload was hard. There wasn’t much of a social life then, and the South Bend winter was tough on a southerner 1,000 miles from home. But I never doubted that I had found my place.

It was a world of ideas and learning, of deep friendships and life being explored all-out. Football weekends, pickup basketball games and thoughtful walks around the lakes, good books, and challenging, mind-illuminating lectures — and late-night conversations in Farley Hall when we’d talk about God and the meaning of life, the mystery and wonder of this amazing universe. And our place in it. What we should do with ourselves.

While I’ve had many blessings since, I can’t recall a time when I was more excited by the verve of every day, and lived with so many good, caring, and committed people—who liked their fun, too. A time when I enjoyed such freedom to chase after ideals and truth, surrounded by so many sharp and dedicated teachers, to find my way through personal solitude and happy camaraderie.

I spent four years here as a student and have worked here for 40 more. I came back and stayed because I believe in what the place is all about. The Notre Dame family is real. That’s never been more obvious than in these stressful days and weeks of coping with the disruptions and threats of COVID-19.

In many ways, I still feel like I did when I was a student, reading, learning, enthusiastically sharing what I find, grateful to be part of it all. But the place belongs to the students. It’s theirs for the brief time they are here. Savor it all—the highs and the lows, the challenges and the triumphs. Though time is fleeting, Notre Dame will live in your heart and mind and soul forever.

Kerry Temple ’74 is editor of Notre Dame Magazine.

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Wellness at Notre Dame

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