Bright Futures

Build a Bright Future

At Notre Dame, we know that callings outweigh careers.

We provide an abundance of resources, learning opportunities, and connections that get you where you want to go. You have big dreams and Notre Dame is dedicated to helping you pursue them.

Kevin Rahill Portrait

I’m just so happy that I graduated from a place like Notre Dame, because I really feel like it helped shape who I am and what I want to do in the world in terms of trying to make a difference.

– Kevin Rahill ’12
Notre Dame Golden Dome Graduation


Earn a Degree That Speaks to Employers

Employers know exactly what to expect of Notre Dame graduates: the best. As a result, 500 employers visit campus every year to recruit our students, conducting more than 7,000 interviews. Those interviews give recruiters an opportunity to see firsthand how a Notre Dame education prepares our graduates for the world.
  • 98% of students are successful in finding career opportunities (jobs, graduate school, or volunteer work) within six months of graduation.
  • $70,000 median starting salary university-wide (self-reported)
  • 80% of pre-med graduates are admitted to medical school (nearly twice the national average)
  • 90% law school acceptance rate
  • 89% of students participate in internships or research projects
  • TOP producer of Fulbright students for seven consecutive years 

Over the last 5 years (2016-2020), Notre Dame graduates have consistently pursued similar outcomes. Within six months after graduation, Notre Dame student plans include:

  • 64% Full Time Employment
  • 22% Graduate School
  • 7% Service
  • 2% Military
  • 3% Other Plans
  • 2% Seeking Employment

Alumni Success Stories

  • Veronica Alonzo

    '97 Preprofessional Studies
    Associate Superintendent, Operations
    Diocese of Dallas Catholic Schools

  • Randall Ang

    '12 Finance, Film, Television, and Theater
    Council Aide
    City of Los Angeles

  • Katie Washington Cole

    '10 Biological Sciences
    M.D./Ph.D. Candidate
    Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine and Public Health

  • Tom Conlin

    '86 Finance
    Senior Vice President
    Aon Risk Services

  • Nancy Cox

    '78 Biology
    Genetics Institute, Vanderbilt University

  • Marianne Cusato

    '97 Architecture
    Designer, Author, & Lecturer

  • Prisma Garcia

    '09 Science-Business and Latino Studies '10 M.S.
    Director, Capacity Building
    Social Venture Partners

  • Darrel Gordon

    '88 Economics, '89 M.S.A.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Wernle's Youth and Family Treatment Center

  • Jim Greene

    '85 American Studies
    Boston Emergency Shelter Commission

  • Danielle Merfeld

    '94 Electrical Engineering
    Technology Director
    GE Global Research

  • Chris Simms

    '88 Management
    Practice Administrator

  • Chris Stevens

    '74 Economics
    Retired Vice President
    Keurig Inc.

  • Arienne Thompson

    '04 History
    Entertainment Reporter
    USA Today

  • Joe Trustey

    '84 Chemical Engineering
    Managing Director
    Summit Partners

  • Michael Wong

    '96 Accountancy
    DayBlink Consulting

Career Development

The Center for Career Development

There are a number of reasons our graduates hit the market prepared to succeed. The Center for Career Development is one of them.

The Center for Career Development provides undergraduate students and recent alumni with career counseling and development services, self-assessments, workshops, career fairs, mock interviews, and so much more. Students and graduates can also take advantage of Irish Compass, an online community where they can find mentors, connect with other Domers, ask career questions in industry specific discussion groups, and connect with potential employers looking to hire Notre Dame graduates.

Career Fair
Winter Career Fair
Winter Career Fair in the Danke Ballroom in the Duncan Student Center.

Hurley Globe

Alumni Network

Support That Will Follow You Everywhere

As a graduate of Notre Dame, you’ll join the most extensive alumni network in the world, not to mention one of the most generous.

No matter where you are, you can benefit from your association with Notre Dame. Domers look out for one another.

  • 145,000 alumni around the world
  • 223 domestic alumni clubs
  • 40+ international clubs


You'll find the Notre Dame community is filled with people who want to help. The connections you make here will continue to benefit you personally and professionally long past graduation.

– Alexandra Liggins ’15

When you come to Notre Dame, it’s a lifetime commitment; you’re always part of the Notre Dame family.

– Joe Boyle ’17

Whether [it’s] in art, politics, writing, engineering, or practically any industry, Notre Dame provides every student with incredible opportunities to not just learn and grow, but also to use that knowledge to help others.

– Prathm Juneja ’19