Matriculation Policy

Policy Statement Regarding Matriculation to Notre Dame

Determination of the amount of credits acceptable from other schools toward a Notre Dame degree is made by the dean of the college in which the student intends to matriculate. The transfer credits must be earned at accredited institutions, with a grade of “B” or better for all college and major requirements. No correspondence credits are accepted by the University of Notre Dame towards any degree. Students must complete one-half of their degree requirements (including their senior year) at Notre Dame to be eligible for a degree.

For purposes of class rank, the student’s cumulative average will be used and will include all courses taken at the University of Notre Dame for which a grade was received and credit was given. Grades from other institutions will not be included in a student’s Notre Dame grade point average.

A student who wishes to transfer between colleges within the University must have completed at least one year within the college to which he or she was originally accepted, be in good academic standing, and have the approval of the deans of both colleges. The accepting dean has discretion about which credits are acceptable towards the degree in the new college. Transferring into another college after one year may result in one or more additional semesters necessary to complete a degree.