Maeve Rooney

What is your favorite campus tradition? It would have to be Football Weekends. I had never been to a Football game before I came to Notre Dame. It was so special that the first Football game of the season was against our rivals Michigan so the atmosphere at that game is something that I will never forget.

What is your favorite spot on campus? The area in front of Main Building is amazing because the flowers are always beautiful in the Fall and during the Winter the snow makes the Golden Dome look even more magical than usual.

What is your best Notre Dame memory? Singing the Alma mater at end of Michigan game. I still get chills thinking about it because it was so emotional and heartfelt by everyone from the players on the field to the students in the stands.

What is your favorite Dining Hall Meal? The Asian station at North is amazing especially when Naan bread is on the menu!

What is your favorite thing about dorm life? The bond that I share with the girls in my dorm is incredible and they are always there to support me. As I walk down the corridor, I love to drop into their rooms to laugh and chat! It is awesome to be able to walk down the hall to hang out with my friends.

What clubs/activities are you involved in? I am involved in Club Golf on campus. It is a fantastic club because we get to play both the Burke and the Warren courses. I also hope to get involved in the Student Athletic Trainer Program next semester.

What made you choose Notre Dame? I was born in South Bend, so I’ve grown up knowing about Notre Dame even though I moved to Ireland when I was two. I had heard how wonderful Notre Dame was, but I didn’t believe it until I came to visit. As soon as I stepped foot on campus, I knew this was where I wanted to go to University. Not only is it the most beautiful campus that I have ever seen but the people are so friendly. Notre Dame encompassed everything that I was looking for in a University – outstanding education based on catholic tradition and a welcoming community that I could consider my home away from home. I can honestly say that I have found my Home behind the Dome at Notre Dame.

What is your favorite part about being an international student at Notre Dame? I love that all the international students form a bond and a community straight away. We get to know each other during International Orientation before the rest of the student body moves in. We are all in a similar transition period and everyone can relate to how one another is feeling. It has also broadened my mind because I have gotten to know so many people from other countries that I would not have met otherwise.

How did you adjust to life on campus? It was a little difficult at first because it was different to the life that I was used to in Ireland. However, I soon found some of my best friends and they really helped me with the transition. After a week or so I felt like I truly belonged to the community and now I feel very at home at Notre Dame. 

How do you celebrate your culture/heritage at ND? I introduce my friends to some of the foods that I have from home. I also share and discuss events that are happening back in Ireland with them.

What advice do you have for international students? I would encourage you not to be scared about moving to a different country with people that may be different than you. Notre Dame makes it so easy to fit in and express yourself. Attending a University abroad also enriches your experience as you will be able to overcome challenges that you may not be faced with if you stayed in your own country.