Meet Some Current Transfer Students

When it comes to the Notre Dame experience, our students say it best.


Callie Coors

Hometown: Garden City, NY
Major: Science Pre-professional studies
Minors: Poverty studies, Compassionate care in medicine

How did you become interested in transferring to Notre Dame?

Growing up, I have always heard such great stories and experiences about Notre Dame. So, Notre Dame has been a great interest of mine for a long time. When it came time to apply to colleges I thought I wanted a small school close to home. While I am extremely grateful for the experiences at my past college, I knew in my heart that Notre Dame was the right fit for me.

Notre Dame’s mission, “Be A Force For Good,” creates a strong sense of community and character. Many describe Notre Dame as a place where people not only focus on what they want to do, but who they want to be. I was confident that ND will allow me to reach my full potential. I was very interested in Notre Dame’s service initiatives, and imagined myself getting involved in the numerous healthcare and service opportunities Notre Dame had to offer.

Additionally, Notre Dame’s exceptional pre-health program is like no other, as I knew it would prepare me in not only being a strong applicant for medical schools, but also as a future healthcare provider by encouraging me to pursue a strong background in science and ethics.

Furthermore, Notre Dame’s alumni network displays a great sense of loyalty as it supports everyone from the Notre Dame family. I really wanted this strong sense of family and community where “Either we are all Notre Dame, or none of us are.” I knew that with the opportunities and sense of community at Notre Dame, I will not only have a great, fruitful college experience, but also be able to make my mark on society by pursuing my passions of medicine and service.

What aspects of the Notre Dame experience appealed to you as you considered transferring?

Many aspects of the Notre Dame experience appealed to me as I considered transferring. First and foremost, I knew the community and tradition Notre Dame had to offer was one of a kind and would make my college experience the best it could possibly be. When deciding to go to a school, I knew I wanted to go to a place that was a home away from home and Notre Dames’ community was the perfect fit. Notre Dame’s dorm system really creates this sense of community, which I was excited to be a part of. 

Additionally, Notre Dame’s academics are challenging and rewarding and I was so excited at the prospect of engaging [with] world-renowned professors and taking part in the amazing pre-health program that not only emphasized the sciences, but also the ethics behind medicine.

I was passionate about Notre Dame’s minors, poverty studies and compassionate care in medicine, because they would allow me to understand a different side to patient care. I was really interested in these minors and the opportunities they included, such as service experiences and internships.

Notre Dame not only excels in academics, but also has a great sense of spirit, which can be seen in the amazing sports programs. I was greatly [interested in] the idea of exceptional academics, but also a school spirit that creates an atmosphere of fun and forever memories. Finally, to sum it all up, Notre Dame is the perfect size—not too big and not too small—has rewarding academics, and a community filled with spirit and engaged staff and students. 

How did you choose your major and minors? 

I have always admired the field of healthcare and look forward to participating in the meaningful work of medicine. When researching Notre Dame, I was captivated by the science pre-professional major as it offered various opportunities that enable students to critically think and gain the tools necessary to become an innovative and personable doctor.

This major would give me the opportunity to explore the sciences that not only interest me, but also would prepare me for applying to medical school. I knew early on that I would want to enroll in the poverty studies and compassionate care in medicine minors. Both programs would allow me to foster empathy and ethics as my studies will involve connecting medicine through sociological and historical backgrounds, making me more equipped to understand and help prevent health disparities.

Additionally, I will be able to participate in classes and workshops that will teach me how to properly make strong connections with patients and their families, while also providing them with the help and support they need during difficult times. 

Which extracurriculars and/or research are you involved in? 

I am currently the president of She’s the First Club and the co-Fundraising Lead of Partners in Health. She’s the First is a club that advocates for female empowerment and education and Partners in Health advocates for bringing an end to health disparities around the world.

I learn so much in these clubs and it has been great to get involved! I also tutor children at St. Adalbert's [Catholic School], which has been such a great and rewarding experience being able to help and get to know the children. 

Because of COVID, many activities were not available [in the past year], but I am excited to get involved in intramural sports, more in-person community service and clinical work in the South Bend community, and participate in research regarding poverty in healthcare.

This past summer I was actually involved in an internship through the poverty studies minor where I worked at Sun River Health, a healthcare clinic in Suffolk County, NY, that provides healthcare to those who are not able to afford or access healthcare normally. I worked on the patient outreach and was able to see the great work Sun River Health does in these Long Island communities and how poverty affects healthcare options for many—and what we can do as providers to help. 

Do you have any advice for students interested in transferring?

I am so happy I transferred to Notre Dame. It truly was the best choice for me. I’ll admit transferring made me a little nervous, but once I made my way on campus I truly felt at home.

My advice is to really put yourself out there and be open to all the possibilities Notre Dame has to offer. Get lunch with a classmate, reach out to a professor, join lots of clubs or activities! There is something for everyone at Notre Dame, so getting involved is really the best way possible to integrate into the Notre Dame community. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to advisors and other transfer students. You always have our support whenever you need it!

Maryclairelewis Transferstudent

Mary Claire Lewis

Hometown: Hinsdale, IL
Majors: Psychology, theology

How did you become interested in transferring to Notre Dame?

Notre Dame had always been on my radar, but my senior year of high school, I decided I wanted to experience somewhere different and get out of the Midwest. I ultimately spent my first year at an institution in Texas, but ND never left my mind. When I realized that my previous institution’s values and culture didn’t directly align with mine in the same way that Notre Dame’s did, I made the decision to transfer. Transferring has been the best decision, as I’ve been welcomed into the supportive, collaborative, and encouraging environment with open arms. I truly could not imagine myself graduating from anywhere else.

Which aspects of the Notre Dame experience appealed to you as you considered transferring? 

When I was considering transferring to Notre Dame, I was heavily considering three other institutions, and therefore weighed a lot of the normal factors: location, school culture, curriculum, housing options, etc. Of course, I took into consideration Notre Dame’s amazing sports, very manageable class sizes, and the beautiful campus. However, my values ultimately made my decision for me, as I longed to be part of a community that appreciated social justice, fought for the marginalized, and sought to be world changers on the same level that I did. At the end of the day, Notre Dame appealed to me because of the vast opportunities available, the incredibly rich school culture, and the way that every single Notre Dame student is unbelievably proud to be part of the Fighting Irish.

How did you choose your major and minors? 

As someone who is very interested in how the brain works but is not super scientifically inclined, psychology is perfect for me. I briefly considered pursuing a degree in neuroscience, but opted for psychology because of the variety of classes offered, the incredible faculty, and the flexibility of the requirements. I added a second major in theology this past semester after being completely drawn in by my introductory theology class. I went to a Catholic high school, but felt as though I was completely reintroduced to the faith via my class at ND. I couldn’t help but want to investigate my faith through this new lens further, and therefore picked up a second major in theology! As for my minor, it was love at first sight. At my previous institution, I took a class in which my passion for education became ignited. Upon transferring to Notre Dame, I attended the activities fair and was informed about the ESS minor. It sounded like a great fit for my interests, and I picked the minor up the next day! Overall, I absolutely love my combination of programs and feel that all of them have prepared me for my future in a uniquely different way!

Which extracurriculars and/or research are you involved in? 

At Notre Dame, I’m very involved with the Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP) recruitment process, PATH Companions and SAINTS tutoring, intramural sports, the women’s boxing team, peer advocates, and ND tour guides. I also served as one of the fall welcome weekend transfer captains in 2020. As for research, I’ve spent time in the Development & Psychopathology Lab under the direction of Dr. Kristin Valentino as well as the Cognition, Learning, and Development Lab run by Dr. Nicole McNeil. Research was a great way for me to discern my interests and gain some fantastic psychology insight and experience!

Do you have any advice for students interested in transferring?

If you are a student heavily considering transferring to Notre Dame, do it. It seems like a scary jump off of a cliff right now, trust me, I remember my anxiety clearly, but you will absolutely not free fall. Transferring has been the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’m so grateful for the community that helped welcome me in and hasn’t left my side ever since. If you do decide to transfer, GO TO EVERYTHING!!! If you have even the slightest interest in something (a club, a sports team, etc.) just go to a meeting! It's the best way to get involved and meet new people.


George Seyfried

Hometown: Southport, CT
Major: History
Minors: Accounting, Business economics

How did you become interested in transferring to Notre Dame?

Notre Dame was always on my radar throughout high school but it wasn’t until visiting campus the fall of my senior year that I realized it was where I was called to be. The campus felt like home, and I would highly encourage all prospective transfers to visit campus.

I was offered and accepted the Gateway Program out of high school. While participating in the Gateway Program certainly offered a streamlined process of transferring and allowed me to participate in the tri-campus community, I nevertheless spent time discerning whether or not I wanted to continue my academic career in South Bend or transfer somewhere closer to home. While I did keep my options open, I ultimately made the leap to transfer across the street because I felt what makes Notre Dame unique is its focus on the growth of the entire person. From the community fostered in the dorms to getting the chance to learn from exceptional professors, Notre Dame has taught me what it means to be a part of something bigger than myself and a force for good. 

What aspects of the Notre Dame experience appealed to you as you considered transferring? 

Having one foot in the door through the Gateway Program allowed me to appreciate all of the unique aspects of Notre Dame whenever I visited campus. For me and most of my peers, the community fostered in the dorms is unparalleled and is something I wanted to be a part of. Notre Dame is the top college choice for nearly all undergraduates so the opportunity to be surrounded with bright, collaborative, driven, and genuinely kind students makes the climate on campus enjoyable and one in which everyone brings out the best in each other.

Not having the standard freshman experience made me appreciate being a part of the dorm community even more and despite living off-campus now, I know I have made friends for life. In my dorm we eat meals together, go to football games together, hang out on the weekend together, and go to Mass together. I’ve also gotten to make friends from different years which makes the transfer process even more seamless. While the dorm becomes a social hub, it makes it even easier to branch out and meet new people who may share a class or be in the same club as a dorm mate. 

The second aspect that appealed to me in transferring to Notre Dame were the opportunities for growth. I have always been a faith-driven person, and I feel that as a top research university, Notre Dame offers unparalleled personal development opportunities. I feel that everyone from professors to rectors to other students genuinely care about each other. As I approach my senior year I can’t believe how much I have grown not only academically and career-wise but also as a person, a friend, and a man of faith.

How did you choose your major and minors? 

Coming into Notre Dame, I wanted to combine my interests with the social sciences, humanities, and to prepare myself to pursue a career in business. Over the past couple of years the history department has built up its economic and business history program and I decided to design a concentration in Economic and Financial History. I am also interested in mastering the language of business and the quantitative skills necessary to succeed in my early career, which led me to pursuing minors in both accounting and business economics. 

Approaching my senior year, I have had two summer internships in both consulting and financial services. While I felt prepared to thrive in these roles from my economics and business background, I hope that the critical thinking skills and well-rounded education I’ve received from the College of Arts and Letters will set me apart as I advance in my career and pursue leadership opportunities.

Which extracurriculars and/or research are you involved in? 

At Notre Dame I have participated in both Student International Business Council and Students Consulting for Non-Profits which has allowed me to gain valuable hands-on experience on what a career in business could look like for me. One of the most rewarding aspects of Students Consulting for Non-Profits has been the opportunity to add value and impact to local nonprofits in the South Bend area. I have also been involved in various interhall and section sports such as softball and football which has been a great way to build camaraderie amongst the dorm community. My concentration within the history program revolves around economic and business history and I have been able to take on significant research projects revolving around my academic interests.

Do you have any advice for students interested in transferring?

As far as the transfer process is concerned, I would recommend prospective students allow their authentic self to shine through their essays. I would also encourage prospective transfers to connect with current students and learn about the various aspects of the Notre Dame community which makes it unique. Given the large number of transfer students every year coupled with Notre Dame’s collaborative community, I personally believe there is no stigma attached to transfer students and in my experience the group of transfer students often become very tight-knit.


Kevin Carthy 

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major: Biochemistry

How did you become interested in transferring to Notre Dame?

Growing up in Indiana, becoming a student at Notre Dame was always a dream of mine. My parents immigrated to the great state of Indiana from Ireland and placed me into the Catholic school system for my entire life. As a result of my Irish-Catholic upbringing, Notre Dame always seemed like a sort of home away from home for me. When I originally did not get into the school, I was disappointed but took it as a sign and went to college about a thousand miles away from Indiana. Although I had a good experience at my old school, I really missed home and was reminded of my feelings for Notre Dame. As a result, I applied to transfer here, and the rest is history!

Which aspects of the Notre Dame experience appealed to you as you considered transferring? 

I have had the privilege of meeting many Notre Dame alumni in my life, and their descriptions of the wonderful times they had at the school made it seem awesome to me. The rich culture and history behind the school, the unique and inclusive dorm life, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team are some of the things that I longed to experience for myself. Furthermore, the school itself is renowned for its rigor, prestige, and incredible faculty and staff. These are just a few of the things that appealed to me when thinking about coming to Notre Dame.

How did you choose your major and minors?

Going into college, I always knew that I wanted to be some sort of science major. My parents both have PhDs in chemistry, so I’ve been surrounded by science my entire life. I have always found chemistry interesting, but having taken biology in high school, I realized that I liked both. As a result of my indecisiveness, I kinda just picked both!

What kind of research and which extracurriculars are you involved in outside of class? 

At the moment, I am not currently a part of any extracurriculars or research. However, I have been trying to become more active in those respects at school!