What are my chances of being admitted?

We evaluate your admissibility primarily by your academic record. The College GPA of successful transfers is typically 3.7 or higher. Good high school grades with solid SAT or ACT test results and high grades in college are usually positive indicators of one’s chances of being admitted.

To present a competitive application, you must:

  • Have completed and earned a B or better in math, natural science, and English composition courses required by your prospective college. Please note that online and distance-learning courses are not transferable.

  • A competitive college GPA. In recent years, the average GPA for admitted students is 3.75.  

  • Outstanding high school academics, including SAT or ACT scores.

  • 27 transferable credits at a 4-year accredited institution. Credits will only transfer if a B or better has been earned.

  • A well-crafted personal statement explaining your interest in Notre Dame, your academic and professional goals, and how transferring to Notre Dame can help you achieve them.

How many transfer students does Notre Dame take?

Each year, we receive 1,000 fall semester transfer applications for 50 transfer openings. In the spring, we receive close to 100 transfer applications for 5-10 spots.

  • The fall semester transfer application deadline is March 15. Students are notified between June 1 and July 1.
  • The spring semester transfer application deadline is October 1. Students are notified between December 15 and January 5.

Does the size of the first-year class impact the number of transfer openings?

Notre Dame has separate enrollment goals for both first-year and transfer students. In years when we enroll a larger-than-expected number of first-year students, we still plan to enroll a standard and consecutive number of transfer students.

Since on-campus housing is guaranteed to first-year students and not transfer students, a large freshmen class typically impacts the availability of on-campus housing for transfers.

What do you mean by “course syllabi”?

In order for us to determine whether your courses meet transfer requirements, we need course syllabi for each college course you’ve taken since high school graduation. Formatting and submitting course syllabi by the application deadline enhances our ability to review your coursework in a timely manner. Please:

  • Scan each course syllabus into a PDF
  • Save PDF with semester/year, course number and full title, e.g. "SP14 - MA 121 - Calculus I" or "FA13 - SOC 2231 - Introduction to Sociology"

I applied to transfer to Notre Dame before, and was not admitted. Can I apply again?

Your freshman application materials will be included in your transfer file. You do not need to resend official standardized test scores unless you’ve retaken the exams. Please pay special attention to items five and seven on the application instructions list. AP scores often aren’t included on high school transcripts.

If you’ve applied for Transfer admission within the past two years, your previous application materials will be included in your new file. You don’t need to duplicate any of the documents already sent. You’re required to submit a completed Common Application for Transfer, the $75 application fee, an updated Transfer College Report, an original Personal Statement, and course syllabi and grades for any courses taken since you last applied.

I have previously applied to Notre Dame. What do I need to re-submit?

Notre Dame retains first-year and transfer applications so you will only need to send documents that you did not submit as part of your previous application. For example, your final high school transcript, most recent college transcript, course syllabi from your current term, and a current college official report.

What if my current institution is on the quarter system?

If your home institution operates on the quarter system, it may be necessary to take additional courses to meet Notre Dame’s requirements. For example, you might need to take three calculus classes to cover the same material that Notre Dame covers in two classes. Generally, 5-credit classes in the quarter system transfer as 4-credit courses in Notre Dame’s semester system, and 4-credit classes in the quarter system transfer as 3-credit courses in Notre Dame’s semester system.

Are all majors available to transfer students? 

In recent years, the following majors have been oversubscribed:
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Finance and Business Analytics

The following programs are not open to transfer students for the foreseeable future:
Science Business
Chemistry Business
Actuary Minor
Mathematics Business concentration

For more information on each of the colleges available for transfer, please refer to the following:

Is there an Orientation?

Yes, each year the Transfer Welcome Committee, led by the Division of Student Affairs and comprised of current ND students who themselves transferred to the University, coordinates the many facets of making your transition to Notre Dame easier. There are academic, social, and spiritual components to the Transfer Welcome Weekend Program, which runs concurrently with Welcome Weekend. 

Does Notre Dame admit second-semester freshmen?

Students applying for transfer admission must have completed a full year of college and have at least 27 transferable credits by the time they enroll as sophomores. Students who have enough AP credits to earn sophomore status after one semester must still complete a full year of college before applying for transfer admission. If a student was admitted to Notre Dame as a first-year student, but did not enroll in the fall, please contact our office directly. 

Are transfer students considered for Notre Dame Merit Scholarship programs?

No. All students who complete the financial aid process are considered for all need-based University scholarships. However, a limited number of merit scholarships are only available to first-time incoming freshmen.

Will I be able to live on campus? 

There are a limited number of rooms available in on-campus housing for transfer students. If you wish to live on campus, you must complete an online waiting list housing application as soon as you receive your confirmation email from us. Your application will enable you to be part of the waiting list lottery for an on-campus assignment. Details can be found here

All correspondence regarding housing assignments will be sent to your Notre Dame email account. Please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing directly with any questions regarding this process. Their office can be reached at (574) 631-5878 or residentiallife@nd.edu.

If you are interested in living off-campus, information regarding housing options in the South Bend area can be found at offcampus.nd.edu.