Our standards are high. But that’s why you’re here. 

The management of the size of all of our colleges and majors is important to ensure that our students, faculty, and employers continue to reap the benefits of one of the top undergraduate education programs worldwide.

Therefore, it is important that a transfer student is admitted to the college and major that they truly wish to pursue. Toward this end, we ask applicants to list a college and major as their primary intended area of study. If a student has more than one area of interest, we strongly encourage students to list an alternate college and major.

All transfer students are admitted to a college and specific major. A major component of a transfer student’s application is whether their first-year curriculum aligns the curriculum of Notre Dame’s First Year program. Students who have completed coursework that closely mirrors Notre Dame’s first year curriculum will be more competitive in the transfer admission process. (Please be aware that the colleges do not favor substituting sophomore courses for those required in our first year curriculum.)

A transfer student will not be able to change colleges for the first year and will only be able to do so at their dean’s discretion. If there is not capacity in a certain college or major, a transfer student will not be able to move into that area of study.

Courses Required

Admission to the college and major to which you apply is contingent upon enrollment in the proper curriculum.

Carefully review the following for the required curriculum for your intended college: